Choosing the Right Degree to Become an Auditor

Choosing the Right Degree to Become an Auditor

Unlike some professions it’s not essential for you to take a pre-defined educational route via university to become an audit professional, however when choosing your degree it’s important that you bear in mind how your course will help you find a job.

Show Numeric Skill

It’s vital when choosing your degree that it features some kind of numerical skills, especially if you didn’t take A-level maths. This doesn’t mean you have to take a degree in maths but a course with a strong numerical basis like business studies, accounting or economics will help show you have a numbers savvy mind. If courses like this don’t appeal the onus is on you to develop these skills outside of your education whether it’s a summer job in a purchase ledger department or a Saturday job in a bank.

Work Experience opportunities

Many courses now include compulsory work experience as part of their programme. This can be really helpful as you will have guidance and support finding a useful placement. You don’t have to go down this route but if you can show a potential employer that you are a graduate with useful real job experience you will find getting a job much easier.

Commercially Focused

While not essential, if you can study a degree which helps you hone a finely tuned commercial sense you’ll reap the rewards later in life. Academic studies are very useful but try and find a degree which will help you establish useful real-world skills that will come in handy from day one of your working life.

Good Location

Don’t underestimate the power of a university in a good location, the bigger the city the more opportunities you will find to gain useful and relevant experience. London not surprisingly has the highest number of companies looking for auditors but other major cities also have a significant demand.

Something you Enjoy

When choosing your course it is easy to get hung up on how it might appear to potential future employers. Don’t forget to choose a course that you are going to enjoy. It will look much better if you find a course you love that you sail through with high grades than a more specific course which you struggle with or dislike.




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