A Global Career in Accountancy

A Global Career in AccountancyAccountancy is a career which can offer a passport to work almost anywhere in the world, with accreditation and qualifications being the best way to ensure acceptance. Globalisation has meant that accountants and auditors now do their work in many different markets around the world, with employers increasingly looking to recruit for audit jobs overseas.

While the global economy might have seen better days, employers continue to hire young talent, having learnt from the past that cutting back on recruitment can lead to skills shortages when the economy improves. Naturally many employers are focused on recruiting candidates for critical business vacancies which can’t be filled internally. Despite the global economic downturn, it seems that recruiters are still finding roles for finance professionals.

When the last economic downturn occurred in 2001, internal auditors were one of the groups where employers would first look to fill other positions which were deemed more important. Today, the opposite is true and employers are investing in internal auditing even when other areas might be being cut back. Some auditors have found that their work has become increasingly focused on the safeguarding of important assets as a result of the current economic climate.

In traditional European markets such as the UK, Germany and France there is a shortage of audit professionals, due to the many American multinational companies which use these European countries as their regional headquarters. Russia, Switzerland and Belgium are also recruiting many auditors from around the world to help manage oil and gas organisations.

Despite auditing being less affected by the economic situation, other financial professionals are seeing at as a new career path, so competition for audit jobs can be stiff. There are still many vacancies in transaction services and for technical financial specialists, including fund and investment accountants. With experience in product control, tax and financial accounting candidates should find plenty of opportunities, with recruiters looking for proven abilities in people management, commercial awareness and leadership abilities.

Accountants who can identify with the larger commercial environment are particularly favourable for foreign recruiters looking for skilled professionals, especially in organisations which hope to capitalise on the emerging markets of India or China. Financial planning and sales analysis are all favoured skills for roles working alongside senior management teams to make a real difference to the profitability of the business.

Accountants are increasingly being considered for non-finance roles where their logical and systematic ways of working are of a benefit. Conducting operational audits for international organisations, candidates can help them to streamline and standardise systems, applications and processes.


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