A Social Media Checklist for Audit Professionals

A Social Media Checklist for Audit Professionals Consider two statements: The first; that most of us have multiple social media accounts, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… the list goes on. The second; that it is common practice for potential employers to do an online search to investigate potential job candidates. Now before you start deleting photos from last month’s work drinks, take a moment to think about an active social media can work in your favour.

We’ve discussed the practicalities of how social media can be used to find audit jobs online in ‘Using Social Media in Your Job Hunt’, now let us explore the benefits of what can happen once employers find you.

Businesses spend fortunes on marketing their products to increase consumer engagement. If you project yourself wisely using your various social media accounts you can market yourself as a professional and get employers to be consumers of your audit skills and experience.

So how do you market yourself as a professional? As an auditor, you need to present an image of professionalism and demonstrate that you have the attributes that make a successful auditor – attention to detail, communication skills, IT skills, even creativity. Here are five steps to marketing yourself as a job seeker online.


Have a smiling headshot profile picture

Humans are visual creatures. A picture is the first impression and we all know how important first impressions are. Make your picture a shot of just yourself; you don’t want employers being confused as to who you are. Smiling makes you look approachable and likeable and therefore pleasant to work with. A headshot gives an employer a closer connection with you, making you more memorable.


Consider different privacy settings

Who will be viewing your profiles? Each account can have a different audience. As Facebook is generally used for friends and family, consider updating your privacy settings so as to keep your private life just that. LinkedIn is a professional platform and therefore can be public so that potential employers can be privy to your content. Twitter is intended for public presentation, a portal where you can express your deepest (or most trivial) musings for all to see. Choose your privacy settings for each social platform according to who you want to see your various content.


Create a personal brand

What is your personal brand? What sets you aside from the throng of other auditors all vying for the same top jobs? Think about what are you especially good at, what interests you, in which direction you want your career to head, and what your values are. By regularly posting content that is consistent with your personal brand, viewers of your site will get a solid idea of what you stand for, what they can expect from you, and what makes you a more viable contender for a job than other candidates.


Have a call to action

Just as businesses have an objective when marketing a product, so too do you have an objective. You are a job seeking auditor, which means you have a target to achieve – to find an audit job. And how do marketers achieve their objectives? They have a call to action, a deed they ask consumers to complete, whether it is to buy their product or ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Ask and ye shall receive. Whatever it is that you want, you must ask for it – it plants the seed of action in employers’ minds. Ask to be contacted for an interview, ask for a particular salary, or ask for opportunities for promotion in your new position.


Complete your profiles

Make sure you fill in all relevant segments of your profiles. This is an opportunity to tell the story of you. Write your ‘Bio’ on Twitter. Add your work history on LinkedIn. Having a half-finished profile can give the impression that you are comfortable with half-finishing your audit work. Demonstrate your attention to detail, your IT expertise, and your communication skills.


By taking the time to do a little online housekeeping of your social media profiles, as well as keeping your CareersinAudit account complete and up-to-date, you can create a profile online persona that will assist you in finding your dream audit job.

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