Achieve the extraordinary with BDO East Anglia

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Achieve the extraordinary with BDO East Anglia

Auditors at BDO East Anglia unanimously agree - working for the firm has never been more rewarding.

Over the past five years, BDO East Anglia has reshaped their culture and seen a workplace beaming with #EAPride (East Anglia pride) emerge. This pride is reflected in everything BDO do, from their recent hires to those at director level. It is a celebration of their collective and individual success and pride to be a part of a team that continually pushes to achieve. It is an environment that encourages people to achieve extraordinary results.

BDO East Anglia’s employees, located across two offices in Ipswich and Norwich, are encouraged to thrive in a workplace that champions individuality and to be themselves. This environment has been cultivated through their unifying culture that in their Director’s opinion, whole-heartedly sets them apart from their competitors.

This unifying culture is centred on inspiring, challenging and collaborating. It supports every employee through their time at BDO. It encompasses professional development, technical training, peer support and a wellbeing programme. The wellbeing programme, focused on physical and mental health, is among a myriad of other benefits that sets BDO East Anglia apart.

Employees experience trust and agility in a truly flexible way. Their Director proudly sees the external audit team “like a family who support each other to develop personally, professionally and technically.” Having experienced the benefits of BDO’s agile working philosophy firsthand, the simple flexibility of making it home for family dinners has transformed her approach to work and strengthened her commitment to her job. Agile working can be through formal and informal arrangements with working flexible hours, part-time or working from home available to all.

Despite BDO’s auditors working with businesses with complex accounts from the get-go, they are challenged without feeling out of their depth. Young professionals, including second-year school leavers and part qualified trainees, agree BDO’s commitment to them has been paramount in guiding them throughout the start of their careers. BDO’s ‘buddy’ programme is designed to help these new joiners settle into life from day one.

Whilst having access to all the benefits associated with being part of a national firm, East Anglia has the additional appeal of being a local community that values supported, connected teams.

Inclusivity and positivity are championed values within their unified audit teams who work hard and support one another. One Assistant Manager describes that, “the team has always respected the ways I feel comfortable learning and working, and have always been understanding and flexible, even with personal circumstances.”

BDO auditors are encouraged to explore fields of interest and invest in educating these employees accordingly. BDO East Anglia’s investment in specialist sectors, as one Senior Manager explains, has given him the “opportunity to learn, develop, gain invaluable experience and enjoy auditing public sector clients.” From their ‘chocolate pod’ groups, which pairs employees who have similar training needs, to their central learning resource iLearn, on-the-job learning is fully supported at BDO East Anglia.

Are you ready to work in an environment that has fostered a unifying culture at a company that truly values their employees? 

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