Are You Already an ESG Professional but You Don’t Know It?

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If you’re interested in a career where you can make a real difference, then you might be familiar with the term ESG which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

People who work in this field get a huge sense of reward from helping organisations transform their operations to make them more sustainable which benefits future generations.

Those in positions like ESG Researcher and ESG Analyst are plainly working in this sector, but not all ESG jobs have an explicit label. Your current role might already align with the broad principles of ESG and subtly you might already be an ESG professional, but don’t know it yet. 

If that sounds like you, here are some of the telltale signs that you might already be working in ESG without realising:


You Work in Sustainability:

If your job involves promoting sustainable practices in any way, be it operations, supply chain management, energy efficiency, or any other area, chances are you’re already contributing to your organisation’s ESG goals.


You Advocate for Social Responsibility:

You might already be a workplace champion for social causes, diversity and inclusion, or community development. If so, this absolutely aligns with the social pillar of ESG.


G is for Governance: 

If you've been involved in activities related to social governance, such as compliance, risk management, ethical leadership, or corporate governance, your work is related to another of the key pillars that make up ESG.


You Engage with Stakeholders:

If you regularly interact with investors, customers, employees, or communities, and base your decisions around their concerns and best interests, you're putting ESG principles into practice.


You're Involved in Reporting and Disclosure:

If your responsibilities involve preparing sustainability reports, disclosing ESG metrics, or communicating performance in these areas to stakeholders, you're already making a valuable contribution to your organisation’s ESG efforts.


You're Part of a CSR or Sustainability Team:

If your organisation has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Sustainability team, and you're part of it, consider yourself an ESG professional.


You Have a Background in Finance with a Focus on Responsible Investing:

If you have a finance or investment background with a focus on socially responsible or sustainable investing, ESG is part of your professional DNA.


You're Passionate about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 

The term ESG comes from a United Nations’ environmental initiative. If you're passionate about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and work towards realising them in any way, then you're already contributing to ESG.


You Attend ESG Events:

If you attend ESG related events (conferences, workshops, industry expos) or anything with a focus on sustainability or responsible business practices, then your professional goals and mindset are aligned with ESG principles.


You're Committed to Long-Term Value Creation:

If you believe in the importance of creating long-term value for your organisation, but are mindful of the environmental and social impact, you're most likely an ESG professional.



If any of this sounds like you, then you might already be an ESG professional without knowing it. As soon as you realise this, you can use your knowledge and passion for ESG to find a more specialised role within this field. Be mindful though that ESG is constantly evolving, so staying informed about emerging trends and best practices is crucial to make your job search successful.


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