BA to MBA to Auditor!

BA to MBA to Auditor!A Chinese auditor has recently completed her MBA at Reims Management School, France after working for PwC with a BA. She has now joined the Corporate Audit Team of a French listed industrial group in Paris. We caught up with her to ask her to give some tips and advice for other recent graduates.


Where are you working now?

I am now working In Paris for a French listed industrial group as a Global Internal Auditor. I was previously working with PwC in Beijing.

How are you finding your new job?

Very interesting! Especially when working with so many people from different countries. It’s also very challenging as I face new problems to resolve all the time.

What was the main reason for pursuing a career as an auditor?

Being an auditor is a good way to learn things quickly. I joined PwC in Beijing after a 4 year BA degree and enjoy the challenges.

Who was most helpful with advice about your career?

The most helpful people for me with careers advice were my school, college and university careers services. My relatives were also very supportive and helpful.


What advice did you particularly want?

I particularly wanted the guidance on the direction of my career.


Were you successful in getting various internships whilst you were studying?

Unfortunately not. When I was studying it was difficult to gain intern experience.


Once you graduated, how easy was it to get a job?

Getting a job straight after studying was not difficult for me. I got a lot of good advice and help from a number of recruitment agencies.


How did you find the helpful recruitment agencies?

I looked for those that appeared very professional and gave their time and support. I found some in particular very helpful at all stages of the process. Free advice and tips for interviews were really useful.


What tips would you give to other graduates who may be looking for work?

Sit down and think carefully before you start. Be aware of and analyze your own strengths and weakness. Once you make your decision, go for it. Don't get disturbed during the process of looking for the job.


What are your top tips for:

a. Applying for jobs?


b. Producing a CV?

     Emphasise your key points. These must be tailored to be suitable for the company to which you are applying. Be brief and succinct.

c. The interview process

     Be confident and be yourself!


What are the best things about your job?

It is changing all the time so I never get bored.


What are the toughest things/challenges you are finding?

We have to challenge the experts in our daily operations and give them our advice. That is tough!


How long do you expect to stay in the profession?

I can only see myself as an auditor for one more year after this one. After that I would like to be working in a more operations-based role.


Thank you very much for your tips and good luck with the new job.

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