Best Practice Guide: Attracting More Candidates with Better Job Descriptions

Best Practice Guide- Attracting More

Job descriptions are the recruiter’s first point of contact with potential employees, so it’s important not only that they attract a number of candidates, but the most suitable candidates for the job you are offering. A job description is the recruiter’s all important first step in the hiring process, so take a look at our handy guide to writing a better description and therefore maximising your success within audit recruitment.


The Job Title

For recruiters that are expanding and are in need of auditors to fill any newly formed gaps in their company, creating a new job title can be harder than expected. Recruitment experts recommend taking the time to list exactly what it is you need from a new employee before generating a job title, so you can define exactly what kind of assistance you need and what the candidate will be doing.

From your list of main duties, try to create a working job title that is brief and concise, defining the role in two to four words.

At this point you should avoid what the HR world defines as ‘Job Overtitling’, as not only do you run the risk of disappointing overqualified candidates, but you may also intimidate potential applicants and not receive as many applications as you had hoped for.

Define the Job Role

Typically, a job description includes the working title of the job you are offering, where the job is based, and which department of your company it’s based in. Other initial details you might incorporate into the description include the salary bracket of the position, the geographic location of your company and who your potential employee will be reporting to.

Illustrating All Bases

Within the first paragraph you should give a brief summary of what the position involves, which can be followed by a bulleted list of what responsibilities and typical duties the employee will be expected to carry out. At this point you should keep your sentences short and succinct, but whilst bearing in mind that you should list all general undertakings the candidate can expect to perform, so as to avoid any negativity or reluctance to take on the more menial responsibilities later on.

If you want to expand this area of your description to attract more candidates, you could list the positions and other staff members the employee will consult and communicate with on a frequent basis.

Qualifications and Experience

When you’re advertising for an auditor you should include what qualifications you expect your potential candidate to have, and whether there are any extra credentials or skills that are preferred. You should also include what level of experience you feel is suitable for the job role.

Legal Human Resources

If you have a legal HR department within your company, it is worth consulting with them when it comes to advertising your auditor position. Some advise that employers include the terms of the employment within the job description, an element that should always be approved by an advisor and should adhere to company policy.

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