Can a Regional Firm offer Big Six level Benefits?

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In our increasingly busy world, many auditors are taking a more holistic approach when evaluating their career choices than they have in the past. Gone are the days when the company name was the first thing jobseekers were looking for in a job advertisement, followed closely by the salary on offer – today’s auditors are looking for more than just a brand to put on their CV.

Flexible working, flexible leave, support and training for career progression, sports and social activities – these are just some of the benefits that auditors are now looking for in their new roles. On top of this, many are also looking to reduce their daily commute so they can spend more time with family and friends.

Historically, the ‘Big Four’ accountancy firms have been the most attractive place for a budding Auditor to start and progress their audit career. And, as the other firms in the list continue to grow, this is beginning to expand into a ‘Big Six’ of brands at the top. As with most big companies with a worldwide presence, working for a global accountancy firm can very often come with some attractive benefits in the employment package.

However, are the Big Six firms the only accountancy firms offering attractive benefits to auditors these days? spoke with MHA Larking Gowen, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors based in East Anglia, on how their regional firm has created an award-winning ‘Total Wellbeing’ benefits package for their employees that rivals those on offer by the Big Six, all while being closer to home for the auditors who have built their career with them.


Balance opportunity with community - Join an award-winning team that has you at its heart.

Looking for Big Six benefits beyond the top six picks? MHA Larking Gowen may be the answer for your auditing career.

With over 300 hundred employees across their seven offices in East Anglia, MHA Larking Gowen boasts an impressive clientele and portfolio of work.

To demonstrate their commitment to their people, MHA Larking Gowen launched their Total Wellbeing programme in 2017 and have won national and local recognition for their efforts. The program offers a range of activities and support, from holistic therapies and mindfulness to support positive mental health, to career mapping and financial wellbeing support, and lots in between.

Within this programme, MHA Larking Gowen prioritise sports and social alongside professional benefits. They are continually working to keep their close-knit auditing and business teams connected and social with activities outside the workplace a regularity. Relationships come first at MHA Larking Gowen and their core value of passion for people is central to everything they do.

MHA Larking Gowen are also genuinely committed to retaining their employees and investing in their progression internally. This investment has seen their partner mix at a fifty-fifty balance; half home-grown partners and half joining the firm from larger national firms. MHA Larking Gowen are proud of the fact that many of their partners, senior management and fully qualified employees have been with them from the beginning of their careers.

Auditors can expect truly flexible working options with agile working a part of their Total Wellbeing programme. MHA Larking Gowen stands by their promise to their people. Hands-on, active support across all levels is what all employees can expect. This award-winning wellbeing programme even considers career planning and development opportunities, looking to make sure all employees at MHA Larking Gowen are continually reaching their career aspirations.

With 130 years in the business, MHA Larking Gowen is founded on a reputation of loyalty and reliability, and their work has not gone unnoticed. Most recently MHA Larking Gowen was awarded Best Employer at the Norfolk Business Awards 2019. This award joins the many accolades acknowledging the firm’s rewarding working environment and dedication to East Anglia’s community.

Do you want to enjoy market leading benefits but are worried a national firm is not the right fit for your auditing career? MHA Larking Gowen is a great hybrid of national opportunities with a regional feel. Working at MHA Larking Gowen you will have access to great benefits, impressive portfolios and opportunities to progress your career to meet your aspirations.

Get the best of both worlds with MHA Larking Gowen. Browse their current career opportunities here.


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