Competitive Skills for Audit Managers

Competitive Skills for Audit ManagersThe competition for audit manager jobs is keener than it was a few months back. If you want a leg up on the other candidates when you’re on a job hunt, your best bet is to fine tune your experience and skills so that you offer the skills that hiring managers want.

According to a survey of advertisements placed on for audit manager jobs, these are the most sought-after skills mentioned in the ads:


CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)

Over 45% of those advertising vacant audit manager jobs were specifically seeking candidates with CISA certification from ISACA. The certification guarantees that the candidate has specific qualifications. Possessing a CISA will get you about £1,500 more in salary pa.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance Knowledge

Close to 30% of those with adverts for audit manager jobs specifically mention SOX compliance knowledge in their ads. Even at the entry level, understanding the requirements of SOX will boost the average salary for audit manager jobs by about £2,000.

Information Security

Information security is high on the list of desired skills for those who are seeking people to fill audit manager jobs. Over 25% of all adverts for audit manager roles mentioned information security, nearly 10% mention security management, while another 10-15% mention specific standards or certifications regarding information security, including ITIL, COBIT, CIISP and CISM certifications. The average salary offered varies with the certification, but it’s clear that knowledge of how to keep information secure is high on the list of desired skills for audit manager candidates.

Project Management and Continuity Skills

Another in-demand skill for those seeking to fill audit manger jobs is project management. Approximately 20% of the adverts mentioned either project management skills or asked for candidates who are familiar with well-known business planning and project management software packages.

Software and Operating Systems

Brush up on your Microsoft skills. The applications most often mentioned in adverts for audit manager jobs were nearly all MS apps, including Visio, NT, Office, PowerPoint and .NET development. The few non-Microsoft products that made it onto the list of desired skills were the UNIX operating system and Oracle.


In general, if you’re on the lookout for audit manager jobs, or think you want to work in the finance industry, then there’s a fairly definitive set of skills that will help. Understanding the concepts of information security is good; holding a certification in information management and security is better; a CISA certification is the one to hold; and understanding the ins and outs of SOX compliance will stand you in good stead. Hiring companies are also looking for a solid grasp of business continuity, project planning and risk assessment. In fact, more than ever before, hiring managers and company executives are looking for those who demonstrate a grasp of the business beyond the columns of a ledger. Show them that you’ve built the skills they want in their business, and you can be confident of landing nearly any audit manager job that you want.





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