Cyber Security Jobs in New York

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New York, home to some of the most exciting tech brands in the world. With the offices of Facebook, Google, Apple, Sony, Microsoft and Amazon residing on the island of Manhattan, New York has defined itself as a hub for technology. Boasting access to a plethora of industries and start-ups, the city is rife with tech opportunity and growth for those aspiring for a career in cyber security.


Among the top five major metros for tech in the United States, together with Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia and Chicago, New York can offer experienced cyber security engineers average annual salaries of around $135,000. But where the money really seems to be is in the niche areas and so-called “hot” markets such as healthcare, an industry which has become the subject of cyber-attacks far more frequently than any other. Cyber security engineers with those specialty backgrounds, in areas like healthcare, will find themselves able to command far higher than average salaries.


So in addition to big healthcare organisations, those looking for cyber security jobs in New York should also focus their attention on financial and global manufacturing firms who are crying out for professionals armed with cyber security expertise. Not to mention the big four, in particular Deloitte and EY, who offer a lucrative platform for cyber security specialists.


Undoubtedly the demand for cyber security personnel has grown exponentially in recent years as the internet crowds its way into many more corners of our existence calling for more attention paid to protecting our data. However, the need for cyber security skills will become ever more pronounced in the present and coming months as we prepare for the arrival of the EU GDPR in 2018, which will only serve to heighten the need for strict regulation.


The security job category proved itself to be one of the fastest growing IT professions last year and it should come as no surprise that at its core, Security Analyst jobs are one of the most in-demand in the industry, with average salaries rising year on year, averaging between $120,000 and $140,000, up from $86,170 in 2012 and $90,120 in 2015. Companies are looking for individuals with strong communication skills, with the confidence to provide effective security guidance to fellow employees across all departments and levels of the organisation as well as key stakeholders. Employers expect their cyber security team to be able to work and attend meetings both in New York City itself as well as in other key regional areas and at vendor sites and thus require a degree of flexibility when it comes to working hours which are likely to bleed into weekends and holidays as necessary.


Candidates applying for cyber security jobs in New York should not only bear in mind for their search that the most prominent job titles on the market are security analyst and security manager, but also to demonstrate not only their tech-specific skills but also their soft skills. Strong analytical and research skills are high on the list of attributes employers look for when building up their cyber defence army, as well as keen attention to detail, the ability to handle complex or difficult scenarios, the ability to both self-motivate and work well within a team, as well as excellent organisational skills and a mind for multi-tasking.


As far as qualifications, New York businesses primarily look for degrees in Computer Science or Information Technology with between one or more years of related industry experience, which can come by way of relevant assignments, projects or prior work experience in the cyber security space. Employers are looking for a CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CISA or similar industry certification and many choose to hire from within the US and thus expect their candidates to be eligible to work in the USA.

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