Elevator Pitches for Auditors

Elevator Pitches for AuditorsFinding a job can be a stressful time, updating CVs, writing covering letters and attending interviews, but sometimes job come as a result of other situations, and this is where the audit elevator pitch comes in. How many times have you been asked by a stranger or loose acquaintance what you did for a living? Perhaps next time you are asked this question you should consider the possibility of using the opportunity to really sell yourself, network with another professional and possibly gain future job offers or interest as a result.

An elevator pitch is just a short conversation where you can communicate your profession, skills, knowledge and unique selling point. You never know when these types of situations could yield some attractive job opportunities or simply the chance to network with someone in your chosen industry.

The elevator pitch doesn’t have to take place in an elevator; it just describes a relatively informal and short conversation. These don’t just take place in the world of business, but also in your social life and any situation where you find yourself talking to a stranger or loose acquaintance. Sometimes elevator pitches are used in very serious business situations to pitch ideas for investment or development.

An elevator speech or pitch should accurately summarise who you are, what you do, how you do it and how your skills and services could work for others. It’s also important to convey an attractive personality. This is not the time to plough through your list of accomplishments and qualifications; this is a conversation where you have the opportunity to communicate these things about yourself.

Take networking events for example. They’re a great opportunity to meet people just like you, but when asked by the boss of a big business what you do, are you prepared to communicate your unique selling point to them? A mumbling answer describing your current auditing job in a vague way is unlikely to impress them, and is unlikely to separate you from the scores of other auditors hoping for a job offer. Being prepared for these informal conversations can really make the difference in terms of career prospects and development.

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