Enjoying Every Working Day

Enjoying Every Working Day

CareersinAudit.com German Audit Manager has been working for a large US multinational FMCG company for the past two years and shares his experiences of finding his latest job. He also provides tips for auditors in their early careers.


Where are you working currently?

I am currently working at a large US Multinational (FMCG) in Switzerland and the 'Manager Corporate Audit' within IS, Global and Shared Services.


How are you finding your new job?

I started within the audit field two years ago, and since then I have found it very challenging, enriching, rewarding through the fact that one is able see the company in a very detailed manner and from a different angle, as well as to experience the international exposure and experience. In addition I really enjoy the contact with senior management within my department, which is all part of the role.


What was the main reason for pursuing a career as an auditor?

There are a number of reasons why I decided to pursue a career in auditing. The first reason is that I wanted a change of career. I also wanted to pursue a career with an international group and learn about a large company. I also wanted to work in a role where I was challenged as I enjoy an intense working environment. Audit gives me the intensity I thrive under, lets me analyse small details as part of the job as well as involving me in teamwork and travel. These are all aspects of my new career that I enjoy.


Who was most helpful with advice about your career?

The most helpful people when it came to previous career advice were firstly my parents but also contacts from my business school and recruiters.


Did you wish you had more guidance? What advice did you particularly want?

I can't think of any additional guidance I could have wanted but over time, the guidance and advice I had received from a number of different sources has helped me to get the job I really like. My advice would be to listen to a range of information given to you and work hard at achieving your goals.


Were you successful in getting various internships whilst you were studying?

During my undergraduate studies I encountered no problems in finding either internships or summer jobs. In grad school I did not apply for internships, but received two contract offers, while I was still studying. Work experience is essential in today's market.


How did you find the experience?

I am happy that I choose a variety of summer jobs, even not related to my studies, as this is an excellent preparation for the later work life, and can be a true eye opener.


Once you graduated, how easy was it to get a job?

I was hired into the new job, before the end of my studies. The same goes for my undergraduate studies. I found this was the best way of planning my career followng my studies, from the very beginning.


How did you find any recruitment companies you used?

I am usually always a bit skeptical about recruitment agencies, as there are too many unserious offers out there, which are not tailored towards the needs of the students for instance. Nonetheless I am glad, that I found a recruiter who took the necessary care to prepare me well for the interviews. Once you find a good recruiter, they will help you every step of the way along your early career. I found it useful to stay in contact with my recruiter so they knew where I was in my career at any point in time.


What tips would you give to other graduates who may be looking for work? 

Take your time, and choose carefully. Also take even more time, instead of jumping on the first occasion. Money, especially at the beginning is NOT the most important.


What is your top tip for...

a. applying for jobs?

Know in what area you want to work and be prepared.

b. producing a CV?

Keep it simple and clean.

c. the interview process?

Rehearse the interview, so that you are prepared for answering all possible questions during the interview. Watch yourself in a mirror as you practice.


What are the best things about your job?

The best things about my job are that I am working in an international company with an international team with different backgrounds. The exposure to management is great, the company is fast moving and very challenging.


What are the toughest things/challenges you are finding?

To find the balances between business and private life (this is all its matters)


How long do you expect to stay in the profession?

I believe I will stay in my current position/team for at least another 2 or 3 years.


What do you envisage doing in 10 years time?

I would like to build a career with my current company. In the mid-term move to a financial position (e.g. FP&A) and eventually to a strategic role within the company.


Thank you very much for your time and we wish you the best of luck for the future.





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