Finance & Audit Jobs in Singapore

Finance & Audit jobs in SingaporeA thriving financial centre with international recognition, 11.6% of Singapore’s gross domestic product in 2003 came from financial services. It’s the highest value-added service industry in Singapore, and many of the world’s top finance professionals choose to work in the country.

This highly regarded status as a financial hub is a great reason to look for Finance & Audit Jobs in Singapore. It is a great country to work in and build your career, thanks to a wealth of high salary jobs and multinational companies that are based there. Skilled candidates are always being recruited, not just in finance and auditing, but in many fields including: IT, software, business consulting and tourism.

Many people in the UK are losing patience with a stagnant economy and limited opportunities for career progression. People look all over the world for the perfect finance job, from Australia to the Middle East, but an increasing number of finance professionals are choosing Singapore. The culture, the cuisine, the weather, education and the health system are all great reasons why many people want to work in Singapore, as well as offering better career prospects.

The cost of living in Singapore is high, however it has the best living conditions in Asia, and the inflation rate is relatively low. Accommodation can be expensive; it’s typical to pay between two thousand and five thousand dollars per month for an apartment, although as with all properties, this is hugely dependent on the size, its location and any furnishings which are included.

A good finance or audit job in Singapore will reward you with a healthy pay package. Once you have assumed permanent resident status, Ex-pats have to get involved in the CPF, a social security savings fund. The funds pay for member’s retirement, healthcare and home ownership. During the first two years of residency, contributions are at a reduced rate.

Permanent residents in Singapore can withdraw their CPF savings when they reach the age of 55. Members can also withdraw their savings if they are permanently incapacitated or leave Singapore permanently although this must be reimbursed when and if they return to Singapore.

Singapore clearly has a lot to offer to for someone looking for a positive career move, especially in the finance sector. Sign up for email alerts from CareersinAudit so that you are the first to know when we publish a new job!


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