Five Tips on how to Land an Auditor Job as a Recent Graduate

Graduate Audit Job 240x160If you’ve recently graduated and are dedicated to a career in auditing then you need to keep our tips in mind. Whether you’re focused on becoming an internal auditor or an external auditor you can benefit from our tips and they may be exactly what you need to help you along the path to your dream career.

1. Build your Network

If you’ve been dedicated to an auditing career for some time then hopefully you’ve already begun to build your online network. This could be from a growing LinkedIn network to compiling a private list of recruitment specialists or valuable websites to find promising roles. You can directly approach people in roles in companies you aspire to work in and help lift your prospects accordingly.

2. Find your Niche

There are many audit sectors and to appear credible you need to know which sectors suit your experience and your education best. You may be able to secure a junior position in the public sector but is this what you really want? There are also internal auditor roles in the financial services and retail sectors or you could choose to specialise in risk management. Understanding these fields implicitly gives you a head start on many competitors and means you can advertise yourself specifically to the niche which you feel fits your experience.

3. Tailor your CV & Email

You’ve just finished university. Chances are you had a fantastic email address when approaching professional companies but now that’s gone you really can’t return to superdude123@hotmail, you need to think about a professional sounding approach. Sign up for a new email account using your real name to appear professional and adult. You also need to ensure that your CV matches each job you apply for. Every time you apply you should be creating an individual cover letter but you also need to tweak your CV accordingly. Some employers may have a keen interest in your extracurricular activities, where others are more focussed on work experience.

4. Consider Volunteering

It may feel galling after three or four years study to volunteer to get the job you want but if it’s affordable then you should give it a go. It’s much easier to find a volunteering internship than a paid one and you could approach some of the firms in your online network and highlight how you think you could be an asset to their firm, even in an unpaid role. Many hard-working individuals have seen this experience set them in good stead for their careers and gives them professional references in the industry.

5. Take Advice

Everybody from your professors to the careers advisor and the people in your online network will have tips to offer you, with this in mind you should try to take on as much advice as you can. Research and use your critical thinking skills learned whilst studying to take in how to secure that dream audit job. Confidence is one thing but no employer wants a complacent junior in their team!

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