Four Things You Didn’t Know About Working in the Government Sector


Whilst perceived by some outsiders as over-regulated and lacking progression opportunities, the Government Sector can promise to be anything but. The sector offers an enticing arena for auditors seeking influence, fulfilment and long-term career prospects, along with a platform to implement change on an immediate and widescale level.

With pathways and departments diverse, sat down with the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) to debunk some of those misconceptions surrounding careers in the Government Sector and found out that there are some exciting and surprising perks.

Careers flourish rather than stagnate with GIAA

A huge consideration when accepting a position at any level are the opportunities for progression. After all, an auditor is not going to choose to work somewhere lacking opportunities for growth, whether that be financially, vertically or in terms of skill development.

Representing three quarters of all government internal auditors and providing services to fourteen departments and 120 associated bodies, the GIAA is coming of age. The GIAA’s CEO Elizabeth Honer notes that now is “an exciting time to join the Agency as it continues to grow and develop,” as their growth brings plenty of opportunities for career progression and movement.

Having only been established for three years, the GIAA has an ambitious long-term strategy with growth at their centre. This growth is supported by their career development pathway initiative, all a part of making the GIAA a great place to work and enhancing employees’ skills and experience. Along with progression, GIAA shared that the sector offers a high level of stability; companies in the Government Sector are not going to be sold off to private firms and the likelihood of department going under is significantly lower compared to other sectors.

Opportunity to work within all different Government departments

We are the main function across government for all internal audit, we were created in 2015 as an executive agency off of HM Treasury to improve the quality of internal audit provided to central government. Our workforce brings with it a unique depth of experience gained in a wide range of government departments and related bodies. This enables us to offer a high-quality service based on cross-government insight and a strong understanding of our customers’ business.

75% of the governments internal auditors are employed by GIAA and we provide services to 123 associated government bodies, this means that you have the opportunity to work with and part of the different government departments that we provide services for.

Benefits talk more than money

Big benefits are a GIAA fundamental. Retention, rewards and recognition are pillars part of the GIAA’s overarching workforce strategy. Today auditors are looking for more than financial gain: what a company can offer employees mater. The GIAA are among companies in the Government Sector that prioritise these big benefits that auditors genuinely value.

Competitive salaries and generous in-year rewards schemes are base-level offerings at GIAA, with generous annual leave building to 30 days (after 5 years of service – one day is added every day for your first 5 years, up from 25), considerable volunteering allowances and a pension contribution starting at 26.6%. An additional day of leave is given for the Queens birthday on top of all standard bank holidays.

Happy employees equate to a strong business and ensuring this happy workforce flows from great non-financial incentives. These benefits talk in a way that money no longer does. That being said, salaries in the Government Sector can be surprisingly competitive with the average annual income sitting at £71,400.

Workplace Flexibility

With the ability to influence culture and impact employee retention, the Government Sector has been swift to adapt to the growing demand of flexible working conditions. With an active network which supports part-timers, job share and flexible working patterns, the GIAA encourages the use of technology to overcome the traditional nine to five and have successfully employed new ways to communicate to accommodate all working patterns. Work your day your way is the GIAA’s approach so as long as you get the job done and work your hours the GIAA is satisfied.

GIAA have over 60 different locations to choose from all across the UK and within Counter-Fraud and Investigations you will be able to work from anywhere, including being home-based, adding further flexibility to your working options.

The GIAA is leading the way for the Government and Public Sector. Their continual investment into employee satisfaction makes them one of the top choices when looking to the Government Sector. A sector that prioritises growth, benefits and flexibility, and offers a rewarding pathway for auditors across levels.

Find out more about GIAA and search their current job vacancies here.

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