How the Internet Has Changed Information Security

THow the Internet Has Changed Information Securityhe Internet has changed a lot of things, and the world of information technology, especially in terms of privacy and information security, is not exempt from these changes. Unfortunately, the change is not all for the better.


What Has Happened?

Information plays a key role in business as well as in the economy. The knowledge of specific information can spell the difference between business success and failure. However, now that the all-powerful Internet has a dominant role in the information industry, it has become so much easier to acquire information, even that which is supposed to be kept private. In recent years, the number of information and cyber security breaches has been continuously increasing, and they have caused some significant effects on the financial performance of the companies who suffer from these breaches.

According to studies conducted on this particular subject, companies can suffer enormous financial losses as a result of information security breaches. One study revealed that companies who suffer from these breaches experienced a decrease in the return on assets by the third quarter following the incident. The firms who were able to guard themselves against security breaches generally performed better than those who experienced information security problems. Although the long-term economic impact is minimal, the study revealed that the affected firms have had to respond to the breach incident properly to be able to minimize their losses. The best responses, so far, is to make additional investments in information  and IT security.


How Companies Respond

To guard themselves from the information security threats that the Internet has helped usher along, companies everywhere have decided to open information security jobs so they can hire specialists who can help them protect pertinent business and financial information.

If you are into the financial industry, a job in information security is yet another addition to the many financial careers you can choose from. You can work as an information security specialist, an information security manager, an information security analyst, or an information security officer, which are just some of the many available positions in the industry.


The Role of Information Security Jobs

In information security jobs, your priority is to safeguard information assets. In the course of your work, you will have to identify and solve both potential and actual security problems. Your duties will include defining access privileges within the company, creating control structures, identifying abnormalities, reporting violations, implementing security improvements, evaluating security trends and adopting those that are appropriate for the business, anticipating future requirements in terms of security systems, upgrading the systems when needed, and disseminating security policies throughout the organization.

These are just some of the main duties in information security jobs. Although challenging, working in information security has been considered ‘fun’ by many, and the industry is known to be very dynamic and rewarding in terms of career growth. On the job, you will find yourself learning a lot of new technology on a regular basis, and the need to solve security glitches can be a gratifying challenge for the security individual.

Traits needed for information security jobs include system administrative skills, problem-solving skills, troubleshooting skills, and technical knowledge on computer systems.


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