How the Internet has Created a Demand for Online Auditors

Demand for Online AuditorsThe auditing industry offers many and varying career opportunities and with the internet being such a big feature in business, new doors have opened to those who wish to specialise in the auditing of online based activities.


Why is it important for auditors to regulate online services?

E-commerce and gaming sites that allow for transactions have become a massive industry across the world and the revenue generated by these enterprises annually reaches figures of several billion. Reputable sites require auditors to ensure that operational practice requirements are adhered to and that all money collected or distributed is done so in a fair and legitimate manner. Strict audit processes ensure that online fraud is kept to a minimum and allows sites offering online payments credibility.


How does auditing contribute to internet security?

An auditor is trained to analyse and identify potential weak links and to advise of measures that can be taken to improve accounting, bookkeeping and managerial systems. They are also bound to promote transparency and to ensure that all processes and operations are monitored on an on-going basis. In terms of the internet there are several governing or regulatory bodies that have been created to standardise operations of online industries and auditors are required to work in tandem with IT technicians to ensure that internet security is at its optimum and that anyone conducting online transactions can do so with peace of mind.


Working in online auditing

The online industry is constantly growing and new sites requiring auditing services are being created on a regular basis. The online casino industry is the biggest revenue taker on the net and are strictly monitored by some of the industry’s top auditors to ensure gamers experience fair game play. There is a demand for quality auditors who can assist in maintaining the standards and reputation of these sites and for any auditor who is seeking experience in a fast-growing sector, online auditing could be a very good career path to follow.

Working in the online industry is always challenging and can be very exciting as there are often a variety of different aspects and sectors that require auditing services. The work is exceptionally rewarding and auditors often work closely with IT risk management and forensic specialists to ensure every security measure is correctly implemented.

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