How to Shine in Audit Interviews

How to Shine in Audit Interviews


Preparing for an interview for an audit job is no different than preparing for any other job interview. If you keep in mind a few simple facts, you’ll be able to field any questions shot at you, and create a positive impression on those who’ll be making the hiring decisions for the jobs you’re seeking.

1. Consider your audience.

When you step into an interview, you’re stepping out on stage and your interviewers are your audience. Keep their interests in mind. Your interviewers will be trying to answer three basic questions:

  • Is this person qualified for the audit job they are applying for?
  • Will this person fit well within this company?
  • What value will this person add to the firm?

When answering questions from the interviewer, keep in mind that your answers should tell him or her what skills you can bring to the table, and help them see you within the context of their workplace.

2. Remember that an interview is a two-way road.

Contrary to popular belief, your job in a job interview isn’t to convince the firm to hire you. The interview is a two way road, and you should be as interested in learning if you’ll fit comfortably into the job role you’re seeking. Your responses to any questions should put you in a positive light – but they should be honest. Likewise, you should learn as much as you can about the working environment at the firm where you’d like to work, and the responsibilities and qualifications that the firm expects. Asking questions about the job and the firm will not only get you the information that you need, it will present you as a person who is interested in more than just a salary. To find out more about different audit companies read our employers section.

3. First appearances are important.

Your appearance and dress will play a big part in forming a first impression on the company’s representatives. Your clothing should always be neat, clean and pressed. What you wear is less important than how you wear it, though. Polished shoes, clean fingernails and a positive, confident attitude will go a long way in making the best first impression.

4. Research the firm.

Before your interview, learn as much about the firm, the audit department and the audit job itself as you possibly can. The more you know, the better your position to shine in the interview. Search for current news stories involving the firm, particularly paying attention to anything that involves the department for which you’re interviewing. Use that knowledge to help you frame answers and questions in your interviews.

5. Clearly express your interest in the position.

If, at the end of the interview, you’re still interested in the position, make that interest clear. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “After speaking with you about this job, I’m more interested than ever. I think that my background and skills are an excellent match. When can I expect to hear from you regarding a second interview?”

6. Thank your interviewer.

Be sure to thank your interviewers for their time before you leave, then follow up with a note thanking them again and expressing your continued interest in the position.





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