Internal Audit Jobs in Belgium

Internal Audit Jobs in BelgiumAll well-appointed within the heart of Europe, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands represent prime breeding ground for internal audit jobs, and 2015 has seen the demand for the internal audit function strengthen as companies refocus their energies away from cost-cutting and towards investment, financial control and strategy changes.


Located in the heart of Europe and regarded as the unofficial capital of the EU, Brussels serves as the prime hub for internal audit jobs in Belgium, for both domestic and international companies. For internal auditors poised to gain experience in the public sector, the Belgian capital is the ideal location as it is home to the European parliament meaning opportunities in the public sector are equally as rich as those in the private sector.


Boasting a strong international presence from multinational companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to large Asian outfits as well as an array of commercial, financial services and consulting firms in addition to the Big 4; Belgium as a whole offers a diverse platter of opportunities to suit all tastes and skillsets.


Though the majority of vacancies for those wanting to move into the international groups are located in Brussels, there are also positions worth considering in Antwerp, Liege, Ghent and Genk. Candidates with trilingual language abilities will have the upper hand with larger companies for whom Dutch, French and English speakers are a key requirement. Those same companies welcome all international qualifications such as CISA, CPA and ACCA, as well as the Bedrijvsrevisor, the primary Belgian qualification which requires three years training at a recognised practice firm. Dependent on experience, those looking for internal audit jobs in Belgium are looking at salaries ranging between €70,000-120,000, complementing a lower cost of living compared to the majority of Western European countries.

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