Internal Audit Jobs in Ireland

Internal Audit Jobs in IrelandComing into the fore as one of Europe’s fastest moving job markets, Ireland certainly seems to be making some recovery following the global recession. As the market regains confidence there has been a greater level of movement on the job front and this increase in turnover has in turn opened up many more opportunities, with internal audit jobs ranking high on the agenda thanks to the increase in regulations being enforced. The majority of internal audit jobs in Ireland are centralised around the country’s capital, Dublin, though areas including Cork, Galway and Mayo also hold opportunities in the audit space and the further away from the big city the lower the cost of living and property.


Internal audit opportunities in Ireland are primarily found within the financial services industry with regional demand coming from banks, building societies and finance providers. The banking crisis has lent itself to a higher level of governance across the financial services and insurance sector placing internal auditors and regulatory accountants, particularly those with experience of Solvency II, at the fore of businesses’ hiring sentiment. Companies in Dublin are specifically looking for ACA qualified candidates with Big 4 or Top 10 experience, so for individuals looking to secure entry level and junior internal audit roles in Ireland’s capital, furnishing themselves with the relevant certifications is key as is emphasising any experience working for multinationals which is also highly desirable.


With a number of major international companies and multinationals basing their EMEA shared service centres in Ireland, candidates with one or more European language skills are highly sought-after and can expect to see their multilingual skills reflected in a higher salary. The IDA are currently continuing to attract Foreign Direct Investment companies to join brands like Accenture, AXA, XI Group and Bank of Ireland in making Ireland their strategic European base, seeing many more jobs being created across the country.


As the demand for internal auditors in Ireland grows so a subsequent shortage of relevantly skilled professionals follows, placing candidates in a powerful position for negotiation as companies promote good career progression for permanent employees and bonuses for contractors in a bid to attract and retain those in the internal audit function. Senior auditors with up to two years’ post-qualified experience are in strongest demand as businesses look for individuals who can hit the ground running without much need for managerial input. Salaries in the commerce and industry space range between €80-100,000 for those in senior audit roles, while experienced hires in the financial services sector can expect to earn between €90-110,000. For those applying for more junior internal audit jobs in Ireland, the average salary sits between a €50-65,000 base.

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