Internal Audit Jobs in Luxembourg

Internal Audit Jobs in LuxembourgAll well-appointed within the heart of Europe, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands represent prime breeding ground for internal audit jobs, and 2015 has seen the demand for the internal audit function strengthen as companies refocus their energies away from cost-cutting and towards investment, financial control and strategy changes.


Touting German, French and Luxembourgish as its three primary languages, trilingual candidates certainly have the advantage when applying for internal audit jobs in Luxembourg. Despite a historical tie to the industrial sector, steel in particular, the increase in regulations rolled out from both the EU and the US has seen Luxembourg experience a boom in financial services.


Luxembourg is Europe’s largest investment fund centre, with a number of large international businesses basing their EMEA headquarters within its locale, thus the need for internal auditors with knowledge of private and wealth management banking has become a prerequisite for this small yet significant country. Given its geographic size it should come as no surprise that the majority of internal audit vacancies in Luxembourg are based in and around Luxembourg City, however the country’s other main centres Esch-sur-Alzette, Dudelange and Differdange also offer opportunities.


For auditors relocating from other countries, life in Luxembourg poses a relatively easy transition and welcoming environment. With a large proportion of the population comprised of immigrants, newcomers will find familiarity with many people they meet.

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