Internal Audit Jobs in The Netherlands

Internal Audit Jobs in The NetherlandsAll well-appointed within the heart of Europe, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands represent prime breeding ground for internal audit jobs, and 2015 has seen the demand for the internal audit function strengthen as companies refocus their energies away from cost-cutting and towards investment, financial control and strategy changes. 


A low corporate tax haven, the Netherlands like Belgium attracts a large number of international organisations as a profitable base for their European headquarters. Though while qualifications are not essential to the Belgian job market, there is a greater culture of professional certifications when it comes to securing internal audit jobs in the Netherlands.


A culture-rich European destination which offers a high standard of living and balance of both city and country lifestyle, the Netherlands is an attractive prospect for international candidates who will also find themselves eligible for a 30% tax incentive in undertaking their relocation. A widely English-speaking country, while the native Dutch is advantageous, the Netherlands attracts a large number of US and European multinationals.


While Amsterdam acts as the central hub for international roles, the surrounding regions including Rotterdam, home to the world-famous Erasmus University, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Almere and Breda also offer their fair share of internal audit jobs. The Netherlands boasts a strong financial services base with most major banks, from retail to corporate, having a presence there and to prove its market diversity it has an equally strong hold when it comes to commodities, and industry and commerce with corporations including Heineken, Shell and ING all having a Netherlandish base.

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