Is it Time to Move Jobs?

Is it time to move jobs?If you are working as an auditor it’s important that you regularly reflect on your job and work situation. Too many people fail to climb the career ladder by staying in one job too long. We’ve come up with eight common situations which should act as a cue to write your resignation letter.

You've Outgrown Your Job

It’s important when you commit to a job that you commit to stay there for a significant period of time. You will need a while to learn the ropes of the company and a good period of time to be able to show your influence. However many people get to this stage and then become comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with finding work which you can do easily but if you stay too long you can become complacent which is never healthy. If you find yourself finding your role too easy it’s either time to get promoted, take on more responsibility or start scouring the net for a new job.

Diminishing Responsibilities

Sometime you can find that as new people join your company they end up encroaching upon your responsibilities. This might be a reflection on the standard of your work or poor management. If this is happening regularly it’s worth considering your options and moving to somewhere where your skills are valued.

Stress Making You Ill

Stress comes in a variety of different guises but regardless it makes those suffering from it ill. If you are anxious about work or it’s making you feel stressed, the first thing you should do is approach your doctor and then consider handing in your notice. There are plenty of jobs out there for experienced auditors without a working environment which affects your health.

Better Jobs Out There

You might have developed a skill in your current job which you would like to specialise in, or there might be a company nearby with a shorter commute. If there are better jobs out there, you should take the plunge and apply.

Work-Life Balance

If you are contracted to work 40 hours but are working nearer 60 you should really assess your commitment to the job. Every now and then people have to put in extra hours, but if you are working significantly more every week you should start to ask yourself if this is what you really want. It’s an interesting exercise to take your salary and work out what you are getting paid per hour based on the extra hours you are working. You might be surprised how little it is.

Financial Instability

One of the most common reasons for leaving a job is concerns about the company’s financial stability. If you fear your job might be at risk it’s better to be proactive and look for a job before your hand is forced.

Paid Badly

It’s obvious to say but if you don’t think you are being paid a fair wage for the quality and quantity of work you are producing, a change of job is essential. Make sure you are realistic, the salaries that friends say they are getting paid might not be 100% accurate and the wage advertised isn’t always what they end up paying.

Poor Boss

If you just can’t get on with your boss I would recommend getting a new one. It’s the same in audit jobs as in any industry - you’ll never be able to change your boss but it’s not hard to change your job.




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