IT Audit Jobs in Asia Pacific

IT Audit jobs in Asia PacificThe IT Audit market across the Asia Pacific region has been a growing practice throughout 2015 with a number of industries placing the IT Audit function high up on their hiring agenda. This sentiment is reflected in the increase of IT Audit jobs available in the expected areas of banking and financial services and in manufacturing. As further new and developing technologies emerge across the global arena and organisations are faced with an ever more stringent regulatory environment, the demand for professionals in possession of the expertise and specialist knowledge to properly advise on and impact those reforms and technologies grows stronger.


IT Audit Jobs in Singapore

Opportunities across the information technology field within Singapore’s financial services have been largely sparked by the banks’ focus on improving their IT infrastructure and service platforms for retails customers. Demand for IT specialists, technicians and marketers, particularly at a mid-to-junior level, has been high on the recruitment agenda in the face of limited local talent. Companies are continuing to take their lead in terms of hiring from the Ministry of Manpower’s directive to focus on hiring Singaporean talent from the local and overseas markets. IT Audit professionals with experience in collecting and analysing large amounts of data are among the country’s key hiring priorities.

Opportunities in IT Audit cover not only the audit function but also Data Analytics, IT Infrastructure and Information and Cyber Security jobs, and organisations both within the Asia Pacific market and globally, are facing growing pressures on the ever-present threat of cybersecurity. A priority for most businesses, the issues around security and digital has led to a board-level reassessment of how to not only manage affairs in house but equally as importantly how best to effectively reach the growing number of consumers using mobile phones, tablets and desktop technologies. IT Audit professionals with specialist knowledge of niche technologies such as Angular JS, Ruby on Rails, Java, Net and Agile Development are highly coveted, as are those individuals with proven project management and business analytical experience in cloud services and integration.


IT Audit Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

IT Audit opportunities in Australia and New Zealand are being driven both by the number of regulatory fines being issued worldwide, and the equally pressing issue of how data is operating within this highly technologically developed world we live in. A number of information management initiatives due to come into force is sparking organisations to strengthen their business with the addition of candidates with solid big data experience. Specialists with CQ5/AEM, Magento and Hybris development experience are a key focus for organisations looking to improve their online transaction presence. Moreover, Malcolm Turnbull’s appointment as the new Prime Minister of Australia has in itself brought with it much discussion over the country’s data retention regime, which Turnbull stepped in over in his former guise as Communications Minister in a bid to strike the appropriate balance between national security and personal liberty.

However, when it comes to information security the extent to which organisations must understand web activity goes well beyond the 4% that is available via search engines like Google. The little-talked about “Deep Web”, intensely password protected and portal to all manner of cybercriminal activities, while too extensive and complex to be legally managed must be considered by businesses in order that they can protect their customers from its dangers. Installing early detection and countermeasures against these threats is key to strengthening the defences of both business and consumer protection.


IT Audit Jobs in Hong Kong

This year has seen a significantly candidate-driven market in Hong Kong for IT Audit jobs, as companies focus on increasing their IT capability, while also improving business and cost efficiency. Professionals with strong technical skills are undoubtedly much sought-after, particularly those with specialist knowledge and experience of Cloud technology, which has proven itself a stand-out area in the current market.

Skills that are most valuable to employers looking to hire across the IT Audit and Information Security functions are commonly a CISA, CISM or CISSP, while experience with ACL, SQL, Tableau and Qlikview in addition to Office staples Microsoft excel and powerpoint are the necessary tools of the Data Analyst. Boasting dual linguistic aptitude with English and Mandarin will add another favoured string to a candidate’s bow and the soft skills of stakeholder management and communication vital to these industries are given equal merit to the technical skillset hiring managers are searching for.


IT Audit Jobs in Japan

In Japan, the rise in cyber-related threats and regulatory restrictions has pushed information security jobs and IT risk roles to the forefront of the recruitment agenda. However, amid the increasingly internationalised market Japanese businesses are struggling to secure top-tier talent in possession of the requisite blend of technical skills and language capabilities. The demand for bilingual professionals for IT Audit jobs in Japan is hindered by the country’s dire skills shortage. The Japanese government, aware of the fact that women make up the majority of skilled bilingual candidates, are making it a key priority for businesses to encourage mothers back to the workforce. This of course means candidates are very much in the driving seat when it comes to salary negotiations due to the limited talent pool.


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