Job Applications: Quantity vs Quality



At the Careers In Group we’ve thought a lot about the Covid-19 crisis and how this will impact employers. Candidate attraction has changed considerably, with a firm shift to an employer-driven market. Candidates are now flooding the market and filtering through irrelevant CVs is a time-consuming task that should be avoided. It is currently a critical time for the industry and we are here to ensure that you secure the very best talent in a timely and cost-effective way.

Job Applications: Quantity vs Quality

This month, generalist job sites are reporting that the number of applications they send to their advertisers has doubled since March. LinkedIn is now averaging 180 applications per job posting in certain industries, and some employers were sent up to 3,000 applications per job posting from CV-Library in July!

On the surface this sounds great, but are the candidates being sent to you by LinkedIn, Indeed, and the large generalist job boards relevant?

What's the cost to your business when spending excessive amounts of time reviewing unsuitable applicants? Research shows that trawling through hundreds of CVs is one of the biggest issues for internal recruiters and HR professionals at this time.

As a group of market-leading niche job boards, the Careers In Group sites attract candidates who are qualified and who are specialists within their sectors. 85% of our candidates are professionally qualified and 75% are managers, senior managers, heads of department or directors.

We will only send you candidates who match your requirements, so you can spend less time filtering CVs and more time recruiting top talent.

Reducing your cost-per-hire

Reducing cost-per-hire is a major priority right now as budgets are stretched more than ever. Direct talent sourcing and direct hiring is now the preferred method for companies and employers when finding new staff. While recruitment agencies will always have a place in the industry, employers can save a huge amount by moving to a direct hiring model and by reducing their reliance on agencies. The average recruitment agency fee from candidates found on Careers In Group specialist job boards in 2019 was £13,790.

Direct hiring companies saved an average of 93% on agency fees when sourcing their candidates with us directly.

With the recruitment market now in a different place to last year, employers can take advantage of a candidate rich market and recruit directly.

Aligning with the most relevant suppliers to attract the very best candidates is essential.

Hire now for long-term success

As the working world gets back to some sort of normality, we predict that hiring will increase at a rapid rate over the coming months as many companies will start recruiting again. Hiring managers will be competing for the very best candidates at the same time. We can help.

Companies that continue to hire at this time will have an advantage over those who wait.

What to do next?

Are you receiving too many irrelevant candidates when advertising your live jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, or generalist job boards?

What is the cost to your business when spending excessive amounts of time reviewing these unwanted applicants?

How can you streamline your hiring, find the right people and make big savings at the same time?

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help to overcome these recruitment issues, or simply want to have a chat about the industry with one of our experts, please get in touch today.


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