Make a Good Job of Moving Abroad

Make a Good Job of Moving AbroadAn exciting future in another country could be more than just a dream for audit professionals who choose the right career moves.

Recruiters, whether agency or in-house, can be a little cynical about how seriously people are prepared to change. We share some ideas to make you hard to ignore and show you are serious. 


Do It Yourself

Relying 100% on even the best audit recruitment consultants can be difficult in this situation. Why? Because they are paid by clients to find ‘perfect’ candidates, and sometime clients won’t see an international mover as ideal.

If you are changing country, some employers will be nervous you won’t settle; try offering to work as a contractor or for a trial period. You could also approach companies directly and save them consultancy fees.

Scan the careers pages and apply for jobs that firms are advertising directly. Follow this up by finding out the name of the relevant member of their in-house team and getting in touch.

Make sure employers know how serious you are about a move by trying to find a place in your CV for the address of a contact in their country. This may be enough to keep your application out of the waste basket.

It is also important to be clear about how soon you are available for work and to try and make your start-date as soon as possible.


Be Proactive

Double your chances of success by uploading your CV online to be found by employers within your desired location who are searching for your particular skills and experience, as well as searching for jobs yourself. This is your chance to sell yourself; make clear exactly what your career hopes are in your new country and what a potential employer can expect from you. Furthermore, educate yourself on the industry and the employment culture of the new location with tailored Careers Advice.


Be Direct

For people with hopes of audit career in a particular company, it is worth sending in a speculative application and even trying to contact a manager. If there are no current vacancies, they might still make good allies for the future.

Bigger firm, blue chip employers  and big consultancies are probably more used to hiring people with global careers and are less likely to be concerned about the paperwork involved than SME’s.

Forget promotions for the time being. A potential employer does not want someone who will be out of their depth, you will probably need to accept a sideways move if you’re shifting country.


Make Your Mark

If you are serious about a move, try setting a week aside for a personal marketing trip. Head to the country you want to live and work in and meet as many recruiters, employers and contacts as possible. By meeting people face to face, you can make an impact that would be impossible over email.

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