Preparing for a Promotion or Pay Rise


You know you deserve it, they should know you’ve earned it, now how do you make it happen? Whether you want to move up the ladder or have your efforts reflected in your pay slip, these are some pointers that could help make that happen.

Record your Highs

In the moment you may laugh at the idea of forgetting that glowing feedback you just received from a client, or how well you executed that report but those accomplishments should be noted down and stored away for future use. Like say, when you’re campaigning for a job promotion or salary increase. Those emails, facts and figures are tangible proof as to why you’re deserving of either one. You can share your successes with your boss along the way too. Let each one reflect the strength of your performance while illustrating your value to the organisation as a whole.

Upskill Yourself

Training courses both externally and in-house, attending industry conferences and obtaining additional certifications demonstrate your initiative to keep informed, current and sufficiently skilled. That’s not to say that you should jump into every course you hear about; be selective and strategic about the extra qualifications you’re arming yourself with. Each course, conference or cert should complement your intended career progression as well as adding value to your organisation.

See Monkey Do

It may sound simple but watching how your colleagues operate when it comes to getting promoted or negotiating pay increases could help you follow suit. What’s their relationship like with the senior members of staff? How often do they work overtime? How vocal are they in effecting positive change in the workplace? What are they like to work with? Whether there is an identifiable pattern to success or there are just traits or expectations you discover your boss is impressed by; understanding what makes others successful at your firm could be the key to your own career move.

A Goal Shared

Unless you have a bad boss, your superior will take a vested interest in your success and be rooting for it. So when it comes to conversations around where your role in the company is headed, whether during a performance review or an informal boss-to-employee chat; don’t be afraid to verbalise your aspirations. Asking their advice on how you can achieve your goals too will impress them as it gives them the chance to assert their experience and expertise and allows them to play a fundamental role in your success.

Go the Extra Mile

Look for ways to demonstrate your desire for additional responsibility within the company. Join a committee, help plan an event or apply your skills elsewhere in the company. Don’t let it affect your day job but use these opportunities to grow your expertise, your network and your overall understanding of how the business works.

Best Dressed First In

More than a clean suit and tidy appearance, you need to ensure your attitude and demeanour are just as refined. The confident, cheerful, can-do colleague is far more likely to do well at work than the complaining, critical, callous one.

Think Big

Channel your hard work into the right areas, and involve the right people, especially those with the power to influence your career. Show you have what it takes to solve problems and deliver solutions. The more you understand the direction your organisation is heading in, the better equipped you’ll be to position yourself as an instrumental force in getting there.

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