Returning to Audit after a career break

Returning to Audit after a career breakThe corporate world can sometimes feel like you are expected to be just like everybody else, however you are an individual and everyone circumstances are different.

More and more firms are offering return to work programmes for experienced professionals who either took a career break to raise their children or travelled the world and are now looking for opportunities to combine a rewarding career in a supportive working environment.

Returning to work after an extended career break can be daunting though, but those who have taken a career break have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer to any organisation, which could help them achieve their business goals. 

KPMG UK Audit business has designed a return to work programme which targets qualified audit professionals who are looking for flexibility, ensuring that they can balance their commitments at home with a return to work.

With extensive mentoring and coaching, they will support you to refresh your skills, develop your confidence and provide a supportive network across the firm to help you best integrate into the working environment. There are also options for Intelligent Working, our commitment to getting you back into work and through our extensive Employee Networks we offer an inclusive environment where everyone feels empowered. 

What is on offer?

Return to Audit will support individuals in roles that are structured around flexible hours and remote working, with a focus on bridging the skills gap and building confidence to return to the workplace environment. All the roles are internally focused, across the UK and based at KPMG offices with the six week school holidays built in as leave. The roles will predominantly be within KPMG Audit Centre of Excellence team and cover an array of capabilities and skills ranging from technical audit expertise to project management.

The roles broadly fall into two categories - you can either have:

  1. Flexible working for 3 or 4 days per week, with one of those days working at home; or
  2. Reduced hours working a shorter day from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

The roles will be a fixed term annualised days’ contract of one year with an initial month of full time training, and with a second month of training and work shadowing until you are fully comfortable. After the contract expires, candidates will be able to apply for permanent positions, depending on the success of their time at KPMG.

At the heart of the programme is a structured induction programme aimed at getting you up to speed with the latest industry developments, refreshing technical skills and becoming integrated into their professional services environment. You will receive ongoing support in the form of a working mentor and a buddy. The development opportunities won’t end once the induction is finished. You will enter an ongoing training path with check-in points to evaluate progress against goals and determine additional training needs.

Find out more about this opportunity here and if this is you and you are looking for a more flexible approach to work that can fit around your lifestyle or commitments at home, then do apply sooner than later.


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