The Benefits of Working as a Virtual Auditor

The Benefits of Working as a Virtual AuditorThe Benefits of Working as a Virtual Auditor

An auditor has a very complex role in which the person is directly responsible for the analysis and evaluation of processes for the company they work for.

The main element of their role involves the thorough investigation of the processes, products, systems and employees of the company involved. Once they have carried out their investigations, they can make recommendations and present their findings.

Auditing is used by businesses throughout the world, of a variety of sizes and structures to cut costs without losing focus or productivity. The main aim is to increase the efficiency of the business. As such, auditing may also involve careful and thorough checks of the bookkeeping and many auditors may also be a certified bookkeeper.

When a person decides to train to be a bookkeeper, there are a number of career options open to them, and auditing is just one such role. Once they have taken their bookkeeping examinations, many find that the role of auditor appeals to them as many of the duties are similar and the personality types which suit the two different roles are also similar.


What is Virtual Auditing?

Working as an auditor means a varied and dynamic working environment. In addition to the very varied working schedule which all auditors can expect, there are a number of different ways to work as an auditor. Whilst some companies require full time permanent auditors, others have infrequent requirements and therefore may choose to employ someone on a temporary or one-off basis. The people they choose for this are known as virtual auditors.

Virtual auditors work on a self-employed basis and are responsible for their own business, attracting clients and taking on work. With this being the case, there are a number of benefits to working as a virtual auditor.



The main benefit which is found by self-employed people from any number of career types is the ability to be independent. Independence in terms of work means that the auditor is able to decide on their own fees and the jobs they take on. They decide their hours and the way in which they work, and assuming that their clients are satisfied with the job they have done, have the satisfaction of knowing that they were solely responsible for the results they were able to produce.

Many people who are self-employed tend to work with the same clients over time. The benefits of having regular clients are also numerous; not only is it possible to build up strong relationships with these clients but from the perspective of the auditor they have the enjoyment of knowing what their client expects and being able to provide it.

All of the above factors increase the job satisfaction of the virtual auditor. With many jobs, there is little job satisfaction but lifestyle coaches and psychologists agree that with the amount of time which the average person spends in their job role, satisfaction is as important as remuneration: therefore, a job which is likely to come with or increase satisfaction is something to be coveted.

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