The Quarter-Year Resolution

The Quarter-Year ResolutionSometimes we need to remind ourselves that as an auditor we do want to do the best job possible. We can make a glut of resolutions in January to develop our career, put in more effort, and change habits from those of apathy to determination but sometime around mid-March those resolutions can deflate beneath the burden of tiredness, lack of motivation, or distraction. It becomes necessary to invigorate your motivational juices many times throughout the year so as to focus intently on doing your audit job to the best of your standards and achieving your audit career goals.

A job is seldom impeccably done without passion and evolution. This involves energy, motivation, and the open-mindedness and determination to change behaviours and adapt skills to those which are newly required. So yes, if you do want to improve as an auditor this year then you do need to evolve your habits.

Here are three changes you can make to become a better auditor:


Improve relationships

Whether you are an Internal or External Auditor or any other variation, building relationships is an integral component of your role. Auditors have done well to shirk the general misconception that the audit industry harbours antisocial number crunchers. In fact, investors and clients alike now have expectations of effective communication in their relationships with auditors. Taking the time to nurture business relationships will make you more effective in executing your work and promulgating changes, which can serve to increase your satisfaction in your role. Talk to stakeholders both inside and outside the company to understand people’s concerns. Join peers in groups such as LinkedIn to gather connections. Attend company and industry events. The more you can interact with your associates and build relationships, the more your colleagues will impart information and trust your judgement, allowing you to do your work to a better standard.


Continuous Learning

Auditing is a career that involves continuous learning. Growing your knowledge and skills base is not a requisite that can be overlooked if you want to be a successful auditor. The first step for developing as an auditor is to recognise that you want to improve, hence your Quarter Year Resolution, and this open-mindedness is key to reigniting your passion for your role. Perhaps you have a professional development course in mind that you wish to pursue or maybe your peers can offer their own wisdom. Learning doesn’t need to be formal education but a hunger for knowledge is a necessary attribute of a successful auditor.


Increase your motivation

Have you made previous resolutions for your career that fell to the wayside in the face of tedium or busyness? While you do have the desire to be a successful auditor and realise changes must be made, perhaps it is your job that needs changing to rejuvenate your motivation. The first thing you need to do is do a job search to gauge what opportunities are available and consider whether a change inspires action in you. If so, decide what it is that you want from a job; a greater salary, higher seniority, or a different industry. Nothing is more inspiring in your day-to-day work than deriving true meaning from your tasks.

Auditors are known for having perfectionist tendencies. Don’t let your job drown you in run-of-the-mill stagnations; make the necessary changes to reignite your motivation and evolve as an auditor.


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