The World of Audit - Episode 3 - Lech Olszak - Director of Internal Audit at Faurecia

Welcome to the third instalment of the 'World of Audit' video interview series, created and carried out by Michael Rose of Five One Recruitment

In this two-part episode, Michael interviews Lech Olszak, Director of Internal Audit (America region) at Faurecia. He talks about what attracted him to Internal Audit in the first place, the importance of having external audit experience, transitioning from external audit to internal audit and what to expect, rotation out of internal audit and if it should be mandatory, the key elements that make a good auditor, how can audit engage with the business and been seen as a partner, what has added value to the audit function over the last 5-10 years, how technology will change behaviour in auditing, will data analytics reduce the need to be a chartered accountant and more!


The World of Audit - Episode 3, Part 1 - Lech Olszak:

Continuing the conversation with Lech Olszak, Internal Audit Director for the America Region at Faurecia in Detroit, he shares his views on collaboration between audit functions at different companies, relocating, rotation and the importance of independence in Audit.


The World of Audit - Episode 3, Part 2 - Lech Olszak



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