The World of Audit - Special Episode - Fraud & Corruption Risks Due To Covid-19

Welcome to a special episode of the 'World of Audit' video interview series on the fraud & corruption risks that companies are now facing due to Covid-19.

In this episode, Michael speaks with Alex Gaft, CFE CISA (Global Manager Cyber Security & Fraud at ICL Group in Israel), Marcio Ferreira CA, CIA (International Controls and Compliance Manager at Appian Capital in Brazil) and Nikolay Kolesnikov, ACA, CIA, CFE (Partner at COSA Intelligence Solutions in Ukraine) who have over 60 years of forensic audit, investigations and internal control experience between them.

They discuss what internal and external threats companies are facing due to Covid-19 and what can be done to address them. They also discuss the impact Covid-19 will have on investigations and interrogations.


The World of Audit - Special Episode - Fraud & Corruption Risks Due To Covid-19:



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