The Auditor Dossiers: Profiles & Interviews


Is there really any other profession as diverse as assurance and compliance audit?  Even after working in, and with, the audit profession for over thirty years, I am still astonished at the sheer range of careers, roles, individuals and skills that our profession attracts.

As president of my district society of chartered accountants, I currently have an unprecedented, privileged and highly exciting opportunity to spend time meeting and networking with a vast range of accounting and auditing professionals.  I am delighted to share with readers of a selection of these interviews over the coming months.  We will be profiling a number of auditors who will be discussing aspects of their day to day jobs, their challenges and aspirations, as well as tips and advice extending over an impressive range of audit, compliance and assurance functions.  

Prepare to be amazed!


My first three interviewees happened to be exclusively, though unintentionally, female.  Each started out almost as a random networking conversation but what materialised was a series of intriguing and uplifting career profiles of three very different women in highly diverse roles.  From a big four audit director with a classic fast track career path and a newly qualified accountant deciding to specialise exclusively in audit, to an experienced Quality Assurance professional pursing her personal interests through a compliance career, they each have an enlightening and edifying story to tell. 

My fourth interview follows a different path, interviewing a 2nd year ACA trainee at EY whose enthusiasm and excitement for auditing and assurance is infectious. Dodging debt, Dalian shares his experience as a level 7 auditing and accounting apprentice and how getting stuck into the real world was the perfect move for him.

Stories are deeply didactic; they stimulate and inform us, often revealing day to day aspects of roles that we would otherwise glean, only from firsthand experience.  Read these profiles and interviews in conjunction with our Audit Agony Aunt Q&As and professional development programmes, to get the widest possible perspective to make your own, highly personal career decisions.


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Profile 1: The Big Four Audit Director

Profile 2: The Audit Senior

Profile 3: The Quality Assurance Professional

Profile 4: Audit and Assurance Big 4 Apprenticeship


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