Tips for Graduates Wanting to Get Into Audit

Tips for Graduates Wanting to Get Into AuditIf you’re about to jump start your career in audit, having tips to guide you along the way can spell the difference between landing the right job and staying unemployed.

Your decision to get into audit is a good one, especially if you’re willing to put in the hours and the hard work to gain accomplishments in this industry. The auditing field is challenging but can be very rewarding and holds many great opportunities for a new graduate who is serious about joining the industry.


Develop the Ability to Adapt to New Environments

There is a wide expanse of jobs in the audit industry. New graduates can work in accountancy and auditing firms or as an in-house auditor in a company. If you have the opportunity, try to get experience in both so you will see which environment suits you better. Working in a firm will allow you to interact with different types of companies, clients, and people, whereas working in-house will allow you to work closely with the same team. Regardless of which workplace you join, you will, more often than not, have to work with other people, so the ability to collaborate is also a must.

If you work in a multi-national company or in a big firm with offices in other countries, there is also a possibility of you being sent to other countries and travelling while working. This is yet another challenge that may open up to you in the field of auditing, a challenge that requires an open mind and the ability to adapt to any environment.


Plan Your Auditing Career

It’s good to start your auditing career with a plan. Decide what kind of company you want to join as a young graduate. Some graduates prefer to work in a firm fresh out of school; this gives them a first-hand feel of what the auditing industry is really like. This is also an excellent training ground. Some, however, prefer to start out in a smaller environment, such as in a company’s in-house audit team. Aside from choosing a company to apply to, you should also set a tentative plan as to how long you plan to stay in the company and chart the possible opportunities for appraisal while you are in that specific job.


Set Your Own Goals

It’s good to start your career by setting goals for yourself. List down both short term and long term goals. For example, if you want to start in a firm but want to experience working in a private company as well, then you should set this as a long term goal that you can work at after you’ve explored your first option. If you want to be given the chance towork abroad to explore international auditing, then that also makes a long term goal. These long term goals are very important in giving your career direction. This way, even if you encounter difficulties in the job you’re currently in, you still have a bigger plan to fall back on.

Some examples of short term goals are the things you wish to learn in your current job, personal accomplishments in your current job such as getting promoted to a certain position, and so on. If your long term goal is to land a job abroad, you can also set earning money for applying abroad as part of your short term goals.


Keep Your Focus

It is important to be focused on your current job, even if you have other future goals in mind. Always give your best to every task and every challenge as all your accomplishments in every job will reflect back on your personality and your abilities. The auditing field is fast-paced and challenging, and always keep in mind that this field is one in which the inability to meet deadlines can lead to major setbacks. Thus, if you want to make a good impression and start your career in auditing right, you have to be committed in meeting all your responsibilities from the very first day of your job and the very first task you handle.


Be Flexible

The auditing industry is very demanding, but if you work hard and are committed to it, you will reap excellent rewards. However, flexibility is very important as there may be times when your job will require you to put your personal life on hold. It’s not always this way, but situations that require you to make sacrifices will definitely come up from time to time. If you are not willing to make sacrifices, then perhaps a career in auditing is not the perfect match for you.






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