To Stay or to Go - Working In Australia/NZ vs Moving Abroad

Working In Australia/NZ vs Moving AbroadWhether you are just looking for experience or pursuing a long-term career in audit, it is difficult to make the decision whether to stay in Australasia or to move abroad. Comparing the pros and cons is a good way of helping you make this decision.


To Stay:  The Pros

Undeniably, Australia and New Zealand are both overflowing with working opportunities in 2012. Those seeking to get started in audit don’t have to look far for great career opportunities in this field. In fact, many foreign workers are competing for job opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. If it is not your ultimate dream to work abroad, then it is best if you try your career prospects in your home country first.

  1. Working conditions in Australia and New Zealand are both good. Working in your home country is obviously more convenient than working abroad, especially since working conditions in Australia and New Zealand are also favorable. Working hours are limited to 37 hours from Monday to Friday, and if overtime is necessary, you will be paid for the extra hours you put in. All employees in Australia are also entitled to sick leave and holidays. The work environments in these two countries are also not overstressed and not as fast-paced as in some other countries.
  2. The audit industries in Australia and New Zealand are booming. As career prospects in the UK struggle due to the recession, Australia and New Zealand are fast rising up as the next big career destinations for the financial services industry. And since you’re a citizen, you have a major advantage over other applicants.
  3. The Australian and New Zealand economies are more stable than most other countries’. Despite the economic hardships being experienced by other countries, the Australian economy as well as the economy of New Zealand are both experiencing minimal issues.
  4. Working in your home country is certainly more convenient than working abroad. Keep in mind that when you work abroad, you have a lot more to think of and worry about, thus somewhat distracting you from your career.

To Stay:  The Cons

  1. Many people feel that staying in their home countries for work somehow limits them. They tend to feel restricted by their own culture, and are bothered by the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and opportunities that they are not able to take advantage of because of their location. If you feel this way, then it would be a good idea for you to consider working abroad.
  2. A lot of people get burned out since their work environment does not challenge or stimulate them. This tends to happen when the environment is a very familiar one. In the long run, the lack of stimulation from the environment can be bad for a person’s career. Many auditors find themselves jumping from one job to another hoping to find more stimulation, which you won’t have lack of when you work in a foreign environment.
  3. Some people spend a lot of time wondering what could have been of their lives had they had the courage and determination to pursue opportunities overseas. If you don’t want to live with this regret, it would be a good idea to try overseas audit jobs too.



To Go:  The Pros

  1. Experiencing a whole new culture and lifestyle is a great learning opportunity that allows you to grow, not just in terms of your career but also in terms of your outlook in life. Work, therefore, becomes more than just work; it becomes an adventure and an exploration.
  2. Being on your own in a completely new environment makes you more resourceful and challenges you into becoming a more flexible and well-rounded individual.
  3. There are currently several countries that offer great career opportunities, especially for those seeking a career in audit. If you live in Australia and New Zealand, your top options include the Middle East or Asia. These offer exciting career prospects for those who are open to working abroad.
  4. Depending on which country you choose and what company you work in, working abroad may allow you to access certain career opportunities that may not be available or accessible to you in your home country.

To Go:  The Cons

  1. In working abroad, there’s always the challenge of overcoming the cultural barriers. You have to work hard at understanding the culture of the place you now live in as well as the unique work culture there as well. There will be times when misunderstandings and difficulties may arise due to the differences in culture and beliefs. These make adjusting to a new environment doubly challenging.
  2. You need to be additionally open to learning and discovering. Otherwise, living abroad is probably not the best option for you.
  3. The biggest disadvantage in working abroad is the distance between you and your spouse and family. This is one of the biggest reasons that hinder many people from seeking opportunities abroad.

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