Top Companies to Work for as an Auditor in Australasia

Companies to Work for as an Auditor in AustralasiaAs an auditor in Australia or New Zealand, there are a lot of great career opportunities waiting for you in your home country. There are a wealth of highly successful and promising companies in both companies, giving auditors little reason to seek greener pastures abroad. Before you consider job posts in other countries, you should check out the career opportunities in your own country first.


Best Auditing and Accounting Firms to Work For

  • Morgan Stanley Australia - If you want to work in a financial firm, one of the best companies in Australia is Morgan Stanley, where the workload is reportedly light and where employees are actually allowed to relax and enjoy themselves while on the job. There are also several unique perks such as six weeks of paid vacation every year for all tenured employees. Employees are also allowed to work using the flexible time scheme as long as they work 20 hours or more every week.
  • Deloitte - Deloitte is one of the Big Four auditing firms, the largest financial services firms in the world. No wonder its Australian base is also a top employer down under. Aside from its reputation, Deloitte is also a good place to work in as employees enjoy flexible hours, parental leave, 10 days additional annual leave per year for a total of 1 month of vacation, banking discounts, and fitness program discounts, among many others.
  • Barraclough & Associates - In New Zealand, the list of the best auditing and accounting services firms is led by Barraclough & Associates Limited, a locally owned and managed practice that many local businesses trust deeply. The company is quite small, but is fast growing and thus offers a great learning experience and an opportunity to shine to all employees. The company is a great place to work in because employees are given one on one training (if necessary), time off to pursue further studies, and a bonus system.
  • BDO New Zealand - While BDO does not make it as one of the Big Four top auditing firms in the world, it does fall as a runner-up and even does just as well as the Big Four in certain countries. In New Zealand, in particular, BDO is considered a top performing firm and an attractive employer.
  • BWR - Another great auditing firm in New Zealand to work in is BWR, which well-known due to its excellent team environment and its knack for welcoming new graduates and providing them with training and development opportunities.


Best Corporate Employers

  • Google - The list of the best companies to work for as an auditor in Australia is topped by none other than Google. The Internet and computing technology giant offers the most favorable training program for its employees. Google employees enjoy lots of perks and rewards, and Google’s headquarters in Australia boast of the best facilities in the country. Jobs in Google are also significantly rewarding financially.
  • Coca Cola South Pacific - If you’re an auditor in Australia, you can also work with the South Pacific headquarters for the Coca Cola company. Like Google, Coke gives lots of perks to its employees including stock options, pension plans, and so many others. It is therefore a great place to start your auditing career while in Australia.
  • Newcrest Mining - For 2012, the most attractive employer in Australia is Newcrest Mining. Although lesser known compared to Google and Coke, this company is well-known among serious professionals and career people due to its excellent training program for employees, competitive salary levels, and wide range of employee benefits.
  • Express Data - Express Data is an ICT distributor in Australia and New Zealand. It was named as one of the 2012 Aon Hewitt Best Employers awardee due to its high levels of employee engagement. This is not the first time for Express Data to be included in the list. It has been listed every year since 2005 and has won the best of the best award three times. Express Data management attests to the effectiveness of keeping communication lines between employees and management open.
  • Chorus New Zealand Limited - Chorus New Zealand Limited is currently one of the best employers as awarded by Aon Hewitt. As the country’s largest telecommunications utility company, Chorus New Zealand needs internal auditors as part of its regular business operations. The company is known for its challenging yet collaborative work environment, a culture that has received praise from many industry experts.
  • Microsoft Australia - Microsoft Australia is, unsurprisingly, the best of the best employers in the Australia and New Zealand region. It has also been named as one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For and as one of the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces by Great Place to Work Awards.

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