Top Tips - 7 Ways to Excel in Your Audit Job

Top Tips - 7 Ways to Excel in Your Audit Job

Although the skills required to be a great auditor are very specific, there are a number of general tips which can help you excel in your career. Whether you are aiming to be a top internal or an external auditor, allow these tips to help you.


1. Don’t be too competitive

If you’ve been in the job hunt market for a while you often end up getting quite competitive. Being confident and self assured can be really valuable when you are trying to impress potential employers, but isn’t so attractive in the workplace. Having the motivation to perform well is important but you have to be careful that your competitive streak doesn’t make you difficult to work with.

2. Never Lie

During an interview it’s easy to get carried away and over embellish your experience but don’t let that set a precedent for your career going forward. Any lies you tell can quickly get out of hand and often come back to haunt you. Honesty is a vital quality for any auditor, so try and present yourself as a trustworthy addition to the company.

3. Don’t be too serious

When you start a new job everyone is keen to make the best impression they can on their new bosses, but try not to be too serious with your workmates. The initial impressions you make on your colleagues are likely to stay with them for a long time, so try not to come across as being too intense.

4. Don't be too diplomatic

You will want to help people out and avoid arguments in your job but if you are not careful you can be too diplomatic. It’s important to try and ease conflict in your workplace but if you always sit on the fence people may begin to doubt your ability to make decisions.

5. Admit mistakes when you make them

Everyone makes mistakes in the workplace, it’s how you deal with the mistakes that mark the good auditors from the bad ones. Avoid the temptation to cover up your mistakes. Having the confidence to acknowledge your faults will reflect on you much better than a bodged attempt to cover your back.

7. Get the Work / Life Balance Right

It’s important you get the balance right. If your life at home is getting the attention and time it deserves, the chances are the quality of your work will improve. Everyone will have to work longer hours now and then but if you are regularly burning the candle at both ends ultimately your work and personal life will suffer.

7. Play to your Strengths

Every person has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses; if you can identify yours and make effective use of them you will prove yourself an invaluable addition to any company.



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