Top Tips for Video Job Interviews



Whether your interviewer is located far from where you are or just a business’ preference, the job interview process is being shifted more and more towards the online space. Whether it is Zoom, Skype or even Google Hangout, online interviews are now somewhat the norm during the pandemic lockdown and may become much more utilised from here on. 

While it can be easy to fall into the trap of seeing this as just another video chat, your interviewer will be expecting you to present yourself as professionally as if this were a face-to-face interview. We may all be hanging out at home right now, but this is still a professional situation. 

So, once you've prepared as if this is a normal job interview, make sure you've also prepared for the online aspect. We've put together some top tips on how to conduct a successful video job interview to help you on your way.


Be Prepared

When it comes to preparing for your online interview, the standard preparation tips still hold value. Thorough research into the company you are interviewing with should always be the first step, along with familiarising yourself with the role description that was advertised. Be presentable, even if it is only from the waist up, and be prepared with the questions you want to ask. Do not forget to have your resume printed and accessible, along with paper, a pen and water.

Check your Tech

Looking at the video aspect, ensure you are familiar with the interviewer’s chosen video platform. This will generally be disclosed in the interview invite along with a specific link to be used on the day.  Some platforms, such as Skype for example, require an account and you to download software prior to using the platform. It does not create a great first impression if you arrive late and unprepared. Not only that, you want to enter an interview calm and collected. Fumbling around at the last minute does little to help stress levels or convey professionalism.

Dispel Distractions

In a video interview it is also important to consider your surroundings. Does your chosen location have a reliable internet connection? Does the background convey a professional tone? Lighting and noise come into play hugely in online interviews. Poor lighting and noise distractions are exactly that – distracting. You want your interviewer to be focused on you, not distracted by your surroundings.

Run a Role Play

A great way to check all of the above considerations is to conduct a test interview. Rope in a family member or friend to act as the interviewer. Set up in the exact location you are planning on having the actual interview and get your ‘interviewer’ to call in on the platform which is going to be used. Ask their opinion on the sound quality, background and internet connection, and make any necessary adjustments. It is also worth wearing the outfit planned for the interview. Some prints, for example, can be distracting or become distorted when on camera.

Power up

Finally, if using a laptop make sure it is plugged in. It sounds basic, but you do not want your device dying half-way through the interview, or have to get up midway through to plug in. Even if your device is fully charged, it is best to be prepared.

You’re Good to Go!

When it comes to interviews, interviewees can anticipate them to be conducted via video format more often going forward. Preparation, as needed for a physical interview, is the key. Eliminating the unnecessary stress of navigating new video platforms at the eleventh-hour is vital for online interview success. With the above considerations checked, one can enter an interview calm, focused and ready to impress.


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