What Employers Want


What Employers WantDo you have what it takes to land the best audit job with the best firm? Take a look at the list below and see how well you fit the profile that employers are seeking when filling an audit job.


Desire To Collaborate In A Team Environment

Auditors need to be ‘people people’. Employers will expect you to get on well with others in the firm and to contribute to the success of the firm, not just do your job. You will often be working with a team of auditors, and will need to quickly fit yourself into your appointed role – but be prepared to support others in their roles as well.


Thorough Understanding of the Risks in the Business Environment

The best auditors will always have an eye on risk management. As an external auditor, part of your job will be to analyze risk for the companies that you audit in order to make appropriate recommendations. As an internal auditor, you may well be the person in the best position to see new opportunities or note areas of danger to your firm.


Commitment to Continued Personal Learning and Development

Professional development is always important, but it’s never been more so than in the field of auditing lately. New regulations and standards imposed by SOx and IFRS have brought in whole new specialties in accountancy and auditing concerned with standards compliance. In a global market, the business environment can shift rapidly, and those most well-equipped to change with it are those that are most in demand. Aim to complete new competencies and new specialisations as you progress in your career and employers will be beating on your door to hire you.


High Levels of Personal Integrity

In an audit role, you’ll be privy to a great deal of confidential information. Employers must be assured that you’ll treat that information with the utmost integrity – their business depends on it.


Adherence to Best Practices

Auditors will be writing opinions that must stand up to third party scrutiny. That means that adherence to industry best practices is vital. An auditor who keeps up with the emerging standards and puts them into practice will be sought after.


Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills

As an auditor, analysis is only part of your job. That analysis and any recommendations that you make based on it need to be clear and easy to follow for those who are not specialists in accounting and risk management.


Analytical Thinking and Intellectual Curiosity

An auditor must be capable of following complex financial interactions through multiple documents and departments in order to gain a full picture of the operations of the company he or she is auditing. Analytical thinking and curiosity that results in a thread of information to stand out are necessities for advancement beyond the basic ranks of an audit job.




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