Which Audit Sector Suits You?

Which Audit Sector Suits You?The fields of corporate governance, internal audit jobs, accountancy positions and IT audit jobs still offer excellent career opportunities and given the increasingly international face of the corporate world means that there are audit jobs available almost anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe, though some areas offer more opportunities than others. Depending on the type of work that you’re seeking, here’s a quick look at where the audit jobs are around the UK.


Public Sector Audit Jobs

No matter where you want to live and work, you’ll find that there are public sector audit jobs available. The demand in the public sector is greatest for internal audit positions, including both permanent and contract work, in positions from junior auditor to directors of internal audit departments. Check with recruitment firms and with local councils to find public sector jobs near to you – or wherever you’d rather live.


Audit Jobs in Financial Services Firms

If you want to work within a financial services firm, some of the best areas to be looking include London – of course – and in and around Brighton, where you’ll find a number of financial services companies based. You’ll also find a cluster of financial services firms that base their offices around Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire, and around Yorkshire, particularly West Yorkshire. In the southeast, there’s a pool of financial services firms based in and around Bournemouth. In Scotland, you’ll find a concentration of insurance, financial management and assets management firms in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Retail Industry Audit Jobs

No matter where you live or want to work, you’ll find audit jobs available in the retail industry. From the smallest hamlet to the bright lights of London to the seaside, there’s always a demand for those who want to work within the financial audit end of retail.


Risk Management Jobs

One of the fastest growing segments of the auditing and financial industries is in risk management. The huge losses incurred by international companies in the 1990s highlighted the importance of risk management, and the rush to find qualified professionals who can identify, assess, monitor and report on risk factors and their effect on business is still driving the market and keeping salaries high. The best areas to find employment within the risk management specialty are those with a high concentration of financial services firms and the headquarters of large companies in any industry. London, Birmingham, Sussex and the capital cities offer the most opportunities, but there are positions open nearly everywhere in the UK for internal audit jobs concerned with risk management.




Written by Jonathan Hickstead for CareersinAudit.com

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