Why Joining Blick Rothenberg Can Catapult Your Finance Career



As a graduate, you will have a wide selection of options available to you. Understanding what the best choice is for your own personal career goals is no easy task. One thing many consider at this stage is the size of company they should join.

Joining a mid-tier firm such as Blick Rothenberg can offer the best of both worlds. With a reputation of excellence among their clients, Blick Rothenberg are renowned for offering the exposure you would associate with a larger firm as well as the employee-centric, structural development attributed to smaller firms.


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Why Blick Rothenberg?

  • You will have a varied Portfolio.
    You will not just work with clients from one sector, which can be the case in larger firms. At Blick Rothenberg you’ll have the chance to broaden your horizons and gain experience working with clients from a multitude of sectors such as retail, Financial Services, and technology.
  • You will be a part of a large, supportive community.
    We are invested in supporting your growth and development as you learn on the job.
  • You can define your own work-life balance.
    Coming up with a strict set of rules that work for every team and individual in a business as diverse as ours isn't possible. Instead, we have Brighter Working. Brighter Working is a framework to find ways of working that give us individually and collectively a great experience, while continuing to provide the highest quality service to our clients when and where they need us.
  • There’s room to grow.
    We are an expanding team with a strong promotion culture – We have just had a record-breaking year of promotions which reflects our commitment to our employees’ professional development.
  • We have an approachable, considerate culture.
    It’s not unusual to have a coffee or a catch up with a Partner from time to time. We make time for our team members and are responsible for each other’s success. The visibility of our Partners, Directors and Senior Managers is a great representation of this.
  • We know our actions speak louder than words.
    Among the number of initiatives here at BR, we are focused on our employees’ health and wellbeing. Our partnership with Octopus Money provides our staff members with personal, expert financial coaching. As our company grows, we are constantly thinking of ways we can be more sustainable and responsible. This is reflected in our recent change of coffee supplier. We have chosen Change Please as our new provider - a social enterprise who aim to end homelessness through the medium of coffee.


What’s happening at Blick Rothenberg?

This September, we welcomed 54 new colleagues into graduate and school leaver apprentice roles across the business. This is our biggest early careers cohort yet.

Our new colleagues hit the ground running and were fully immersed into life at Blick Rothenberg. This year we also welcomed our first set of placement students who will spend 12 months in various Tax and Audit teams across Blick Rothenberg.

Here are some words from a few of our Trainee Auditors about their experience at BR so far:

“During my experience in audit for BR, I developed a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of financial processes while collaborating with diverse teams to deliver comprehensive audit reports that provided valuable insights for our clients. In addition to my growth in audit expertise, my time at BR so far allowed me to immerse myself in a vibrant and collaborative work culture. The company's emphasis on teamwork, open communication, and a commitment to professional development created an environment where I could thrive and contribute.”Basit. Audit, Accounting and Outsourcing team.

“It may sound a bit of a cliché by now, but no two days in audit are the same! During my time in audit, I have worked on a range of audit with great variety in the type of work. What I have enjoyed the most is being able to travel to client sites, interact with clients and really ‘see the business in action’ and so the stereotype of audit couldn’t be any further from the reality. Being someone who is naturally inquisitive and drawn to the finer details, audit was the perfect career for me as you really dig deeper into a client’s business model and operations to verify transactions. In a very short time, I have been able to work a vast number of clients and have seen myself grow; both personally and professionally – from booming in confidence to taking leadership and responsibility and leading audits.” – Muhammad. Audit, Accounting and Outsourcing team.

If you are a school or college leaver, in your final year of university, a graduate or thinking of a career change, then our roles may be right for you.

We are always keen to hear from talented young individuals who want to embark on a career in accountancy. If you would like to work for a growing, conscientious and people-driven company, please do check out our current vacancies here.




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