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  • Survey Results: Stress!
    It seems that stress – ‘a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances’ strikes everywhere and pretty much everyone at some time in their life.
  • Carol McLachlan, theaccountantscoach, is a qualified accountant, NLP Practitioner and professionally qualified coach. Here Carol answers your questions as our very own Audit Agony Aunt.
  • With the explosion of diverse messaging tools and channels that we have at our disposal right now, understanding the best etiquette for e-communication is vital.
  • Understanding what the impending European data privacy regulation is all about is half the battle in preparing your company for its implications ahead of 25 May 2018.
  • With a younger, more tech-savvy generation playing a larger role in business today, the health of an organisation’s cyber security products, protocols and processes has become even more important in 2018.
  • Read our discussion on making Internal Audit more independent.
  • In a time where its function has never been more critical to both business strategy and reputational prowess, internally marketing the value-add of internal audit to the rest of the business is something every organisation should consider doing.
  • Are you considering a career move from Internal Audit to Forensic Accounting? Read about making the move with our article.
  • This article takes you through the 2018 market trends, skills and regulations for Internal Auditor jobs within the Financial Services sector.
  • As technology develops, those professionals with data analytics experience have as a result found themselves rising through the ranks within the internal audit function.
  • The internal audit function remains as relevant in today’s market as it ever has, in fact perhaps even more so in light of incoming regulations and directives such as the EU GDPR.
  • This article will suggest some diagnostics, tips and techniques to manage your anxiety, but also pose the vexing question: when, if ever, can anxiety be an auditor’s ally?
  • Welcome to Barclay Simpson’s 2017 Internal Audit Compensation and Market Trends Mid-Year Report.
  • Delegation - It’s an essential tool in our armoury of rendering our work physically doable, protecting the fragility of work life balance, safeguarding us from overwhelm and ensuring the investment in skills and experience for the future.
  • As the months draw ever closer to the inception of the EU GDPR, a revolutionary piece of legislation that will alter the way global business handles data privacy and security; there may be a question as to how, if at all, Britain’s exit from Europe will impact the effects of the directive on UK b...
  • How do you describe your progress, your success, your achievements? Ever ascribe them to ‘just good luck’, ‘being in the right place at the right time’, ‘sheer hard grind and hanging on in there’?
  • Boasting access to a plethora of industries and start-ups, New York is rife with tech opportunity and growth for those aspiring for a career in cyber security.
  • Multifaceted and varied, the role of an internal auditor brings with it a range of tasks and challenges on a daily basis.
  • Making a place for women in cybersecurity must become a priority not only for the sake of diversity but for the sake of the industry itself.
  • Read the latest Security Market report survey results for 2017.