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  • Auditors perform an important role for businesses, helping organisations to become more efficient and protecting against fraud. So, how can you get started in Audit and what fields can you work in within the profession?
  • For all her thirty plus years in audit, Our Audit Agony Aunt has seldom felt such a thrilling buzz around the buoyancy of audit careers. Find out what is making waves in the industry and why she thinks a career in audit is a great pathway to be on right now.
  • If you are a good critical thinker and communicator looking for a career that presents opportunities to offer strategic input at a senior level, then becoming an Internal Audit Manager could be the right fit for your skill set. So, what does an Internal Audit Manager do in a typical day?
  • We've analysed the labour market, our own job board data and recurring themes highlighted by our clients and partners, to provide insight into the latest trends and how these are affecting the Audit and Governance recruitment and talent industries as we move towards the end of 2022.
  • Gone are the days of auditing being hard skills-driven, perpetuating the stereotype of the nerdy, possibly boring, left-brain dominated professional. Beyond entry level, to complete the rounded audit skillset and secure promotion, the fuel of audit career progress is dominated by the power of sof...
  • Some of you will have been fortunate enough to have moved swiftly and effortlessly between jobs, perhaps even headhunted, without any formal job search. For most of us though, at some point or other, we will be in active job-seeking mode. So, how do you stay motivated?
  • It would be easy to give a list of tips to improve work-life balance – but surely the place to start is discerning what work-life balance actually is, and whether ‘life-work’ balance would be a more appropriate moniker in the twenty-first century.
  • Taking an unusual path into an audit career, Sam made the move from freelance trumpet player to an Audit Associate at Azets UK. We find out what attracted him to accountancy, what he enjoys about his role, and what tips he has for others looking to start their careers in audit.
  • Kameron Balaggan, Assistant in the Audit & Assurance team at Azets based in Wolverhampton discusses his Audit career journey so far and what advice he would give to someone looking to study a professional qualification.
  • With the volume of data available to businesses increasing exponentially in recent years, we look at how data analytics help Internal Auditors to function on their most optimal setting.
  • Join Carol McLachlan, our Audit Agony Aunt, for a whistlestop tour of the skills and competencies that you need as an auditor in order to stay ahead of the competition in 2022, and beyond.
  • Izzy Chaplin, one of the Audit Seniors based in the Azets UK Beaconsfield office tells us about her career journey with the firm. Dive into what her role involves on a day-to-day basis and why it’s important to embrace every opportunity.
  • Lindsey Tyler, Head of Audit at Azets UK, shares her story on why she chose a career in Audit, what trends she is excited to see develop in the Audit space, and what it's like to work at her current company.
  • In 2020, the UK suffered its biggest economic slump since records began, so how has the market recovered and what is influencing audit salaries and the audit recruitment market in 2022?
  • There’s no denying that we're currently in a ‘candidate-driven market’ where the demand for audit, assurance, risk and compliance professionals is comfortably buoyant. But from a career-perspective, is it the right time to be changing jobs? Let’s consider…
  • If you’re planning a move away from your career in audit, you must be sure to carefully consider your next move so that you make the most of the opportunity to get it right. 
  • What advice would you give to your younger self when you were just starting out in Audit? We asked Carol McLachlan, our Audit Agony Aunt and qualified accountant with over 20 years of experience, what she would tell her fledgling self about a career in audit.
  • Nobody really pretends (or ever did) that virtual is better than face to face: it’s simply different. And like many aspects of work and life, we are growing to embrace and indeed love the opportunities of the new hybrid world. And that of course applies to audit.
  • As organisations worldwide have been forced to adapt to the new normal of a hybrid workplace, bent to the need for flexibility and worked harder to remain relevant and useful; the question is how does this apply to audit?
  • With technology evolving, workplaces transforming and new regulations being introduced, the expectations for Internal Audit are rising.