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  • How to handle interview questions
    You’ve done the prep, you’ve ironed the shirt, you’ve memorised your CV. It’s interview time. Read our top advice and things to bear in mind when answering those daunting interview questions.
  • As corporate misconduct continues, from the bad old days of Enron, to the more current examples of Volkswagen, Nissan and NAB foreshadowing the dark side of business in the event of compliance failures; there is an overwhelming need for corporate culture to be added to the internal audit workload.
  • Micromanager? Dictator? Bully? Favouritist? Incompetent? Bad bosses come in many forms and if you don’t address the issue, working for them could have a severe impact on both your job performance and mental wellbeing.
  • The way we interact and communicate has fundamentally changed over the past 15 years.  The likes of Google and many social media apps are here to stay and whilst some channels may not last, the monopoly of some such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn means you cannot ignore the...
  • The European governance recruitment market is complex and multifaceted. But despite each nation’s unique economic, cultural and political influences, our first European Market Report found many shared challenges and opportunities across the continent.
  • “Should I stay or should I go to a different location?” used to be a fairly simple question for many audit and accountancy professionals looking for a better work life balance, to find a new challenge or in some instances, gain a step up in their career.
  • Jane’s story provides a valuable case study for identifying personal motivators, finding a passion and then carving out a career in a service that she really cares about. So, let’s find out how she has gone about it…
  • Claire was just coming up to the end of her ACA training contract when we first met. I wanted to find out how she had made her initial career decision on graduating and how she had found the experience of working in a smaller, local firm...
  • Have the ethics of accountants and audit professionals slipped since the 2001 Enron scandal and dissolution of Arthur Andersen? Following the Ethics Re-Visited survey from September 2018, Simon Wright takes a closer look at the current situation.
  • AG is your complete audit specialist. External audit is what she does, has always done and even after twenty years of honing her expertise, audit, remains, to this day, her professional passion. As a big four audit director, her technical abilities in audit and financial reporting compliance and...
  • The Audit Agony Aunt, Carol McLachlan, interviews three different audit professionals at different stages of their careers. Read their candid interviews and advice for newcomers to the profession.
  • Self confidence, self belief, self regard, self assurance, self worth and self efficacy. We’ve discussed all of these previously on these pages. But how are they different from self esteem and why does self esteem merit its own article?
  • Panos Merziotis, who was working in Cyprus and Greece, and Maria Lantero, who’s originally from Spain, both relocated from mainland Europe to take up positions in Audit at EY UK. Neither have looked back since. So what are their perspectives on settling in a new country with a new firm, and how h...
  • Audits are projects. From the most junior trainee up to director or partner level, we all manage projects or aspects of projects in some shape or form.
  • More and more firms are offering return to work programmes for experienced professionals who either took a career break to raise their children or travelled the world and are now looking for opportunities to combine a rewarding career in a supportive working environment.
  • Meetings…the bread and butter of our business; the glue that holds together our organisations; grist to the mill for each and every one of us!
  • An external audit provides an impartiality that the in-house internal audit team cannot. While internal auditors can’t help but be personally invested in the outcome of their findings, there are no concerns over repercussions for the external auditor.
  • You need to make an ‘impact’ with your CV, at a job interview or when you are doing a presentation, this, we all know. But have you thought about all the other instances where impact matters?
  • Self management is one of the four fundamental quadrants of Emotional Intelligence, which is as, if not more, important to personal success than IQ.
  • Communication skills are important in every career, but for auditing they are a fundamental competence, critical for accurately and effectively collecting, interpreting and disseminating information.