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  • If a young auditor were looking around the globe and wondering where the best long-term prospects were to be found what should they be looking at?
  • Wherever you are in your career, the most valuable action you can take right now is to get yourself a Career Plan.
  • Internal auditing used to have a rather dreary reputation. It was a career cul-de-sac to be avoided at all costs, staffed by clipboard-wielding pedants, blessed with 20-20 hindsight, obsessed with telling people what they had done wrong. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.
  • The greatest audit scandal of our generation may well be receding swiftly into the past. But every so often an anniversary comes along to remind us of what happened and to remind us of the lessons which we may, or may not, have learned.
  • As an enormously valuable finance professional, does your employer treat you with the love and care that you deserve? The sad answer is quite likely to be… no. But the good news is they might soon have to change.
  • Graduates enter accountancy for many reasons. For some, it is a career that they have moved towards since choosing an accountancy related degree, while for others the move into the profession is a haphazard affair, triggered by a lack of any other uses for that degree in Classics.
  • The Middle East continues to capture the imagination of many UK accountants. Most people reading this will know at least someone who has made the move and many continue to explore this move alongside opportunities in the UK.
  • A survey by shows a massive majority of accountants believe advancing years will do nothing to advance your career.