Risk Careers

  • Risk Jobs Post-Brexit
    The ambiguity of a post-Brexit world has left UK and EU professionals alike contemplating the future of their careers.
  • Challenges regarding fraud, both pre-existing and new, are creating a lucrative market for professionals looking for risk jobs in London.
  • Taking a general global view it is clear that the health of China, the world’s second largest economy is in some degree of jeopardy, a situation made only more severe by the threat of the US Federal Reserve edging closer towards raising interest rates.
  • The consistent theme of hefty fines being brought down upon the banking and financial services industry by global regulators is resonating across all areas of business.
  • It is predicted that the required capital level for banks globally will see a dramatic increase by 2019 further to the implementation of new government regulations, case in point the Basel III Accord.
  • In light of a series of publicised risk events within the banking and financial industry, the issue of operational risk management is hot on the agenda for CEOs, CROs, risk managers and those in both the internal and external audit functions.
  • Increase your potential for audit recruitment, and stand out from the rest when it comes to applying for auditor jobs with our five sure-fire tips for better risk management.
  • These uncertain economic times have had a major effect on how companies these days operate. Companies that used to operate smoothly with the help of forecasts and projections now refrain from making business judgements that are set in stone. Now, companies have a renewed focus: to manage risk.
  • Sometimes it helps to view a topic from an opposite perspective. So while there are many blogs, articles and consultants who are sharing best practices on how to enhance risk management program in your organisation, let me take a contrarian view.
  • Every company needs to be able to manage risk properly; the way that risk is handled internally affects the overall cost that the company has to spend for insurance. This task falls upon the shoulders of a risk manager.