Broward County Public Schools

Fort Lauderdale
United States

About Broward County Public Schools


To assist the School Board Members and the Superintendent of Schools with their oversight responsibilities as well as the School Board Audit Committee with their advisory responsibilities and District Management in the performance of their strategic and operational responsibilities.


The Office of the Chief Auditor (OCA) provides an independent appraisal function established within the school system to examine and evaluate the District's operations as a service to the organization. The OCA furnishes reports, analyses, recommendations, counsel, and information concerning the activities reviewed.

Audit Approach

In order to accomplish our primary objective and to also assume additional responsibilities, we will continue to streamline the audit process to increase productivity within the OCA.  Additionally, we will continue to reallocate OCA resources to focus on the high-risk areas that are critical to meeting the goals, mission, and the strategic plan of the District.  Our approach is to identify and quantify systemic problems and determine if adequate internal control procedures are in existence which can prevent significant deficiencies from going undetected.  In an effort to promote accountability at all levels of the District, reports and findings are summarized to provide useful information to District Management.

District Management is responsible for setting operating standards to measure an activity’s effective and efficient use of resources.  It is also responsible for establishing operating goals and objectives, developing and implementing control procedures, and accomplishing desired operating results.

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