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About Met Office

Beyond weather. That's the best way to describe our work here at the Met Office.

With some 1,800 people across 60 sites around the globe, we provide world-leading weather and climate services in the UK and overseas.

Today, our products and services meet the needs of many different customers – from the general public, government and schools, through broadcasters and new media, to civil aviation and businesses in every sector imaginable.

Everything we do, every area of our work, has a real impact on people’s lives and lifestyles.

Like millions of others, you probably know us best for the weather forecasts that you hear on the news or read on your phone. But did you know that our forecasts reach as far as space? Or that high profile organisations across the world – from governments and the military, to the NHS and utility companies - rely on our expertise to operate safely and efficiently? Through world-leading science and cutting-edge technology, through idea generation and enthusiasm, we collaborate to challenge the ordinary every day because we believe in the best. The best for our customers, the best for your career. It’s a career where you’ll be challenged, developed and fascinated; a career where whatever you do, your work will make a valuable contribution to the bigger picture. A career to be proud of.


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