Our values

You will always know exactly what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us. We have a distinctive culture built around four shared values that contribute to our success and to that of the organisations we work with.


Starts with a recognition that we have a choice in how we act, respond to and influence the world around us, conscious of our impact on others, our firm, the organisations we work with and the environment. It is about taking responsibility for our actions and learning from our mistakes. It extends to our commitment to acting ethically with integrity, professional competence and scepticism, objectivity, due care, confidentiality and, when appropriate, with independence. Always delivering high quality work with the public interest in mind.



Means we’re true to who we are. We’re honest about what we think, believe and feel – as well as our own vulnerabilities. We embrace individuality and difference, which means we don’t judge the beliefs and opinions of others, but listen and, where appropriate, learn from them. Being true to ourselves means we speak up when we don’t agree with something, but also acknowledge when we’re unsure or have something wrong. Trust has to be earned and we nurture it by being authentic, generous and respectful of others.



Means that we recognise the power of supporting and working with each other, our firm and the organisations we work with. It is a way of working where everyone has an important role to play, and we believe in empowering and helping one another. To enable this, we build meaningful relationships based on trust, understanding and respect for the unique perspectives, skills and qualities that we each bring. Above all, we are committed to supporting each other and sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise to help other to succeed. BEING BOLD Means we are ambitious, innovative and passionate about the things we do. We’re curious, initiate ideas and make change happen – even if it sometimes feels uncomfortable. We are willing to try something new and prepared to take appropriate risks but never to the detriment of quality or our code of conduct. Today’s fast changing world demands us to be forward thinking, pragmatic and willing to positively challenge the way things have always been done – to come up with new and innovative ways to help us succeed.