Life at Blick Rothenberg

What's it like working at Blick Rothenberg? We asked Jez Filley, Head of Audit, a few questions about their career journey with BR. 

Jez Filley - Blick RothenbergWhat inspired you to pursue a career in Audit?

I fell into audit somewhat by chance while I waited for an interview at the foreign office. What has kept me here for the last 28 years has been the opportunity to work with talented, challenging, intelligent and diverse people. I get bored easily and the variety of works means I never have. It’s often less of a numbers game and more of a people business. Both with our own team and our clients it is about problem solving and using the broad business experience that you gain to help others with their issues.

What does Audit mean for Blick Rothenberg?

It means working with our clients to understand their business. Translating this into tailored and constructive support. Meeting their ongoing compliance requirements while offering support for their systems, processes and helping them scan the horizon for future opportunities and challenges.

What trends are you excited to see develop in the Audit space?

We and our clients are increasingly technology enabled and this, along with broader ESG reporting, is starting to influence what an audit is and what assurance can be provided. I am sure that the pace of change will continue to increase leading to new ways of working, interacting and thinking.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a career in Audit?

Be a sponge. Soak up knowledge both technical and business. Get under the skin of your clients. Embrace opportunities that come up and challenge yourself.

What is the work culture like in the Audit team?

Collaborative. Inclusive. Challenging.

Why did you choose to apply to Blick Rothenberg?

We have a great team and great clients. I saw the opportunity to work with the team to help shape the journey as we continue to evolve and grow over the next 5 years.