About GIAA

About GIAA stats image - Jun21We are an executive agency of Her Majesty’s Treasury (HM Treasury), established in April 2015 to improve the quality of internal audit provided to central government.

Most of the Agency’s people are professionally qualified internal auditors, accountants or investigators, as well as being specialists in areas including counter fraud, project management, digital and commercial audit.

We also lead the government internal audit profession and function.

Our workforce brings with it a unique depth of experience gained in a wide range of government departments and related bodies. This enables us to offer a high-quality service based on cross-government insight and a strong understanding of our customers’ business.

GIAA is a great place to work and ensure that we have the capability and capacity to make even more of a significant contribution to the Civil Service over the coming years. 

As we mature as an organisation, our shared expertise, skills and technology will enable us to become a single audit practice for the whole of central government.