What do we do?

Our services

We help our customers improve how they deliver public services and provide value for money for the taxpayer.

We look at the bigger picture, considering the wider government context, as well as looking at an organisation’s specific risks and management challenges.

We are primarily funded by fees charged to our customers. We want to give our customers excellent value for money, and we’re focused on making the most effective and efficient use of the time our people spend on customer-facing activities.

We’re also working to reduce our reliance on commercial partners for generalist support. If our customers require specialist services that our people cannot provide, we have ready access, through our framework contract, to the best skills in the private sector at competitive rates.

We follow and are subject to Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS). The services we offer can be grouped into five broad categories:


Assurance services Assurance services

We provide an independent and objective evaluation of management activities. This enables us to give an evidence-based professional opinion on an organisation’s effectiveness in relation to governance, risk management and controls. Our work is often referred to as third line assurance, with operational management providing the first line of assurance and internal governance (including subject matter experts) providing the second.


EU Audit AuthorityEU Audit Authority

The Agency is the audit authority for several European Union (EU) structural fund schemes, such as the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund. Although the UK has left the EU, the UK will continue to participate in programmes until closure. We will work with our customers to wind up the structural fund schemes in the UK and develop an assurance process for any national funding schemes that are set up to replace them.


Counter fraud and investigation servicesCounter fraud and investigation services

Our award-winning team provides advice and support to customers on counter fraud strategies, fraud risk assessments, and measures to prevent, deter and detect fraud. Where commissioned, our professionally trained staff investigate suspicions of internal or supplier fraud or malpractice.


Advisory services Advisory services

Our advisory work supports the design of enhanced governance, risk management and control activities. The scope of our reviews are wide-ranging, from advice on business process re-engineering to support on delivering successful projects and programmes.


Government internal audit policy and professionGovernment internal audit policy and profession

Overall responsibility for internal audit policy in government rests with HM Treasury. We maintain a small team, funded by HM Treasury, to deliver this role on its behalf and lead the profession.